Friday, January 30, 2009

Onehundred Seventyfive

Taking liberties.

I'm talking about when someone takes what is already made, what is already a good thing, and they alter it slightly or a lot or all together, because they think that what they've got to offer is better than what already exists.

Most of the time, I'm pretty sure this should never be done. There might be the odd exception out there, but I doubt that chance happening comes along more than once a century. I suppose I'm more talking about tv shows and movies... because I was thinking just now that it's not true when it comes to ice cream. I like vanilla, but I like it more with strawberries or raspberries or other type fruit. I also like it with chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

No, I think more of what I'm talking about has to do with stories. When the author is in charge ...well that's up to them if they change their own stories around, whether it is for better or worse, but I'm not going to complain all that much because it is their making and they can do with it what they like. I might just stick to whichever is better, and I suppose that's just what I'll have to do when it comes to strangers coming in and changing a good story.

For example, I really like the series called "The Sword of Truth" by Terry Goodkind. But I really don't like "Legend of the Seeker", the tv series "based" upon the first book. Normally I'd provide links for these subjects, but I really can't find myself to promote the show any further. The only think I've liked about it so far is it helps provide good visuals as to how that world would look. That's about all the good I'll say about it. Well, and I guess I don't have too much of an objection to how the characters are portrayed... but that's all I'll say about it.

I say we just leave the change making to the edibles. You can spit out bad food, you can't un-watch an hour. It would be good if you could because there would definitely be a few movies and shows on that list.


Uxorious - (adj) excessively devoted or submissive to a wife


Sound echoing through
Bouncing off walls inside cave
Must be more careful.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Onehundred Seventyfour

I'ma free-write because of what my fellow bloggee and a author I admire did. According to his styles though you don't worry about punctuation or spelling, but I like punctuation and I use spell check so... that takes away from that piece free-writing but the end result is still going to be writing whatever is in my mind.

Such as the desire to be covered in chocolate wrappers after a fulfilling lazy day. Not that I could ever eat so many chocolate bars in one sitting as to cover myself in their wrappers but this is make believe right now. So you can relax and also don't worry about the diabetes I could assume from eating so many chocolate bars that their wrappers would cover me. I'm just talking about lazing around, not worrying about anything except reading or watching tv or playing video games or listening to music. But if I were to be listening to music without dancing or rather if I were to be listening to music I'd like to dance (more so that I'd be alone) and would ruin the wrapper covered goodness.

I think the chocolate bar wrappers that would be included in the pile would be Mars, Oh Henry (hey is is just "O"?), Twix, and that one that has that fruity gummy filling oh yes Turkish Delight. I know that a few people I know, specifically my friend Dave doesn't like it but I find it to be satisfying and tasty. I also would like to try that Peanut ball park one I forget but the ad has an elephant and the desire to stick that in peanut allergic faces, it's not that I'm being mean but I don't like being told which chocolate bars I can and can't eat. For example, Mars is saying how strictly free of peanuts it is. Well I say we weed out the weak and build up the strong.

Not that chocolate bars up to minyata keep us strong, but at least I'm not allergic to anything. I often thought it would be sad that if I finally get stung by a bee or wasp that it would be when I figured out that I'm deathly allergic to their sting and there's no hope for me because I didn't have the needed medication. And most likely if I'm being stung by a bee or wasp it's because I'm out on a bike ride by the river or something and thus far from any place that would get me the necessary medications in time. So I'd be dead on my bike and maybe no one would find me for at least a few hours, unless I went north along the river, then they might not find my body for days at a time.

If I were to die without anyone around me, how're they going to know who gets all my comic books, or who gets my movies, or who gets my novels, and who gets my music? I know who would get these things, but how would anyone know that? And who would get my bike? Would anyone want my bike after I died on it?

And that's free-writing as far as I'm taking it. Here's the WOTD:

Louver - (n) 1. an opening having parallel slanted slats to allow flow of air but to exclude rain or sun or to provide privacy; also: a slat in such an opening 2. a device with movable slats for controlling the flow of air or light


Lower water jar
Well dug deep into the earth
Look out! Marauders!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Onehundred Seventythree

I suppose growing old wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take so long. This is of course, the child of impatience, and I think that it's safe to say most people would agree that waiting is the hardest part in anything. But then of course, time ticking away isn't so bad when it is being savoured. When a person comes to a point in their lives they fully enjoy, it is only natural for a longing to develop which speaks for that moment to live on without ceasing. So then, the opposite and I think also the middle is also true, but there is still exception for the middle ground. The difference of the middle ground is that you can't wait until you reach a goal, but you're also glad for the passing of the hardships it took to get you where you are.

For example, as a student you are taking classes to achieve the gaining of knowledge, which is needed (as far as society dictates) to come into a fulfilling career. You might not like the studying for exams, the writing of countless papers and the reading of countless books, but once you graduate you feel the fullness of your achievements. You then look for where you might find the best place to live out your career.

As we know, from what life teaches us, this is not always how life pans out. Things go wrong, in a different direction, or we simply change our minds (especially without proper direction of passion, or perhaps passions change).

All this to say that I wish I were in a career where I find my passions fulfilled or at least sated. What keeps me from this longing being answered? I presume lack of experience, but also the lack of willingness, on their part, to train me. Hopefully all this lack can be made up for sometime in the future and I can realise those dreams, but until then I have to wait.


Nascent - (adj) coming into existence : beginning to grow or develop


Color blossoming
Flourish into pleasant smell
Appease my dull eyes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Onehundred Seventytwo

Dang, I hate being old cause now I just forgot what I was going to blog about. Something about little people? Stunt people? Oh! Carnies! Right.

Okay so do you think that carnies secretly feel bad about ripping people off or is it just part of their job or is it something they find pleasure in? Also, do you happen to know any carnies? I think it would be an adventure to travel with the carnies for a summer. Either more or less so depending on whether they know about it or not. Tee hee!

Do you think they'd give you a cut of the earnings? A slice of the pie? A share of the dough? Or would it be more like a kick in the pants and bam! right to the moon, Alice. I think as long as you did your weight in work and kept the secrets secret, they'd (another euphemism for getting paid).

I think if I were to work for the carnies for a summer, I might get hooked on in and would want to travel about with them. Assuming carnies travel all year round... I just ...well I assume they do because I assume it's their full-time job. It's their career. Am I wrong? Somebody, am I wrong? Everybody here at the office with their headsets on said "You're not wrong".


Chorea - (n) a nervous disorder marked by spasmodic uncontrolled movements


Nervous in sandbox
Want to ask for red race car
Cute brunette holds it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Onehundred Seventyone

I think if I was a ghost I wouldn't want any limitations on ghostly abilities. Like having to stay in the area of my death or uh... being visible only to someone who had a 'sixth sense' or special amulet or um... whatever else there is. And I wouldn't want to be a puppet on a string or something. Like, I'm only a ghost because someone summoned me. Unless they used me for awesome and for funny.

But would being a ghost be that great? Oh also I wouldn't want it to be cheesy like Casper. I suppose I would rather be a ...well maybe a goblin, cause then you're still tricksy and mischievous.

If I had to pick between vampire, werewolf, zombie, or ...mummy? I'd pick vampire. Maybe. Or maybe more werewolf. It seems like there would be too many limitations on mummies and zombies. Or rather as a zombie it would probably be too easy to die again. I've seen and played Resident Evil and I say no. The zombie always looses out. And it's not like if you were a zombie you'd be genetically modified, there's no guarantee on that. Same with the mummy, if you get lit on fire, you're basically done for. Also too much seems to rely on enchantments.

Werewolves would be more fun because you get to be normal for the most part and when the full moon is out, it's party time, baby. But as for the vampire, you'd have to be a vampire without the silly limitations and weaknesses like garlic and um... well I suppose not being seen in a mirror or not showing up in photos could be a benefit. But then you wouldn't be able to go out in the light... I suppose 7-Eleven is open 24hrs, so at least I'd be able to get slurpees still.

It seems I would rather be a werewolf because there are fewer limitations and, in Matrix Revolutions... I kinda thought the two guys that Monica Bellucci kills were vampires, but I suppose they were werewolves. Wait, do both vampires and werewolves die by silver bullets? I'ma look it up. Oh crazy, they kill any type of unnatural creature: werewolves, vampires, monsters, witches, or even "a person living a charmed life". Huh. Time for me to buy a gun that shoots silver bullets, and also lots of silver bullets. Then I'm set for what comes my way.


Stabile - (n) an abstract sculpture or construction similar to a mobile but made to be stationary

Uh... oh. Um, does that mean it's a sculpture of a train or plain or automobile, or the wind? I would have to see an example of this in order to fully understand.


Black Banana Lake
Putting me through all this angst
Under There tribute.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Onehundred Seventy

Do you think you could survive on an island, by yourself, for four years? There's no wild life, so you only would have fish that you catch, if you can catch it, and coconuts to eat. Also the odd crab that comes along. I don't know if I could.

I'm pretty sure if there were such a thing as time travel, most of the North American culture wouldn't be able to survive back in the ...well let's even say the early 1900's. I think I could survive that... but on my own? And in the middle of undeveloped country? Then again maybe not, and I'd like to think of myself as a little more experienced in the grounds of wilderness survival than the average city person.

I'd like to develop some kind of testing that would be able to figure out how long a person could survive for. It would take into account the person's upbringing, know-how, and so on, and then would plot it against whatever circumstances one might face. So then you would be able to calculate how long each individual would be able to survive for and under which circumstances they'd have the best/worst chances to make it through.

Right well, I'ma go sleep in my nice comfy bed and be thankful for what I've got.

Here's the WOTD:

Enervate - (vb) to lessen the strength or vigor of : weaken in mind or body


Landscape stretching out
Miles of terrain surround
Which way should I go?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Onehundred Sixtynine

You know what's ridiculous? Putting a scarf on a snowman. Or maybe it's more sadistic than ridiculous. Or maybe it's just so ridiculous that it's sadistic. Or maybe it's ridiculously sadistic. Or sadistically ridiculous. Either way I won't stand for it. If I see a snowman with a scarf, I'ma remove it.

Why? Maybe you could explain to me the reason for a scarf. What is the purpose of wearing a scarf? Yeah, that's right and when you put in on a snowman... it's like you're trying to kill 'em. And that's what I blame for the problems in society. We turn the blind eye to the snowman's plea. Well not this buddy-boy.

I also want to talk about the plight of the snow-shoveler. They're out there doing a good job, only to have it ruined by the next day or a couple days. I say we all band together and put an end to these snow falling days. The next time it's supposed to snow, we all get out into the streets and blow the snow back into the sky. Either that or we um... catch them all before they have a chance to land on the ground. Yep, my work here is done. You're welcome all you snow-shovelers.

And now for the WOTD:

Exacerbate - (vb) to make more violent, bitter, or severe


Lying on the beach

Hoping for rain to pass by

Licking my ice cream.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onehundred Sixtyeight

I forget what the one guarantee in life is, I think maybe it's "that there are no guarantee's", and that's to prove a point... but I say that the one guarantee in life is that it is always nice to get out of the cold or come in from the heat.

There is no denying that the body feels relief when the A/C is blowing on a hot day, or when there's a fire going on a cold day. Sure there are people in the world that like it hot or cold, but no body can go without relief in one form or another.

My favorite way to try and beat the heat is with a big slurpee as I sit in my house and read a book. Right now I'm reading 'Hood' by Stephen Lawhead, and I've got to suggest it to you if you like Robin Hood at all. Or even if it's just a good Celtic story you're looking for. Next I think I'll read... probably I'll get back into the world of Jack Aubrey. I'm talking about the books by Patrick O'Brian. I'm only one the second book, which is 'Post Captain'. I really like the world that O'Brian creates for Jack. I can watch that movie often.

How I like to escape from the cold most is wrap up in a blanket and again, either read a book, or watch a movie. Or take a nap I guess. There's not really a food or drink that I make to keep me warm on a cold day. I'll drink hot chocolate or some kind of sweet tea, but I don't really make it for myself unless I've got a cold. Even then it's more just to help get rid of my illness rather than a help in defeating the weather. I guess I'm just not programmed that way. Or rather... if they made a slurpee I'd be more obliged to upon it's powers.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Onehundred Sixtyseven

I think I've always liked roosters.

Hey, why don't we eat rooster? Or do we? Is there a meat factory where they pump out rooster and call it chicken? It seems to me that there aren't all that many roosters, or rather that there are more hens than roosters. Is that just how it is or is it something we control? I suppose the same thing could be said about cows. Oh! Do you think we eat bulls? Now I know that some people sound like they do, but I'm talking about the cow not its by-product.

Do you think you'd be able to tell the difference between cow and bull meat? Or hen and rooster meat? Most likely not as I'm pretty sure I've had male pigs and female pigs. Uh... Sow and um... not sow. Boar? I'm pretty sure that just relates to the pig's cousin. Right well I can't tell the difference between bacon's, so this is just a matter of whether or not I've had rooster or bull. With the pig, I just don't know that there's as big of a difference as with cows and chickens. Huh.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's have a little WOTD, shall we?

Heterodox (adj) 1. differing from an acknowledged standard 2. holding unorthodox opinions

I always just thought that was "being unorthodox". Good thing we can still learn something new every day.


Plate full of tofu
Rather have Chinese chow mien
Ginger pork as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Onehundred Sixtysix

Dreams interrupted.

I don't like it when you've been having a really good dream for what seems like all night, and just as it starts to get better you wake up.

What's worse than that though is when life starts to really pull together and you get to the point where, with a little more effort, your dreams or goals start to come through; everything begins to fall apart. Whatever the reason is, there was that one last thing that needed to come together but for one reason or another it didn't, so there goes that dream.
The thing about dreams in life though, is that there is a possibility for a second chance, but not always. As long as you keep focused and keep trying, there's always a chance to reach your goals. I say never give up, and keep trying. People turn you down? Find someone who won't. Something breaks? Fix it or find someone who can. The thing about being human is that we're persistent as long as there's hope, even if we're the only ones who see that hope.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Onehundred Sixtyfive

Did you notice I was gone for a week? I did. I've been out looking for new ways to spice up my act... or rather to make any sort of act at all. I thought there would be something to do with my poetry; I'd like to read my poems and haiku, share my drawings...

One thing I thought of would be to start a ventriloquist act. I don't have a dummy, so I'd have to get one. The problem with this is that you can't just go out and get one for free anymore, you have to hire them out. With the economy the way it is, everyone's needing a job. I tried to get one who would split the earnings with me but they just woodn't have it. They wanted payment upfront so they could put something in their shavings account. They just woodn't stand for no payment upfront. They were pretty stiff lipped about it. The one guy woodn't even bat an eye. Most of them just looked at me. Slack-jawed.

So I thought that if I couldn't get a wooden dummy, I'd have to settle for getting a volunteer from the audience. I thought that would get some laughs, but then I've seen it done a couple times... so is it one of those things that's been done before and we have had enough? Or is it something that hasn't been done for a while and it would be funny to see again?


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Onehundred Sixtyfour

3! 2! -Oh... I missed it by a minute. Is this how the New Year is starting? Crap! Stupid 2009. Thinks it can catch me a minute late! I'll show you! I'll freeze myself for one minute and then bam! I've gotten back at 2009.

Okay, so until then... What does 2009 bring for yours truly? Besides a minute late.

- more dancing? Maybe if a band I like finally comes to Saskatoon.

- less calories? Maybe if they make... low fat... something I like, but they don't label it as such so I don't have a way of knowing and thereby eat it anyways. Oh, maybe I'll burn off the calories because of all the dancing I'll do going to concerts! Huzzah for the shopkeep!

- more openness towards others

Oh! There goes a firework!

- less complaining

- more discipline

- less heartbroken ladies by declaring myself on the market? Sure, I can takes it. Bring on those millions of phone calls and e-mails, ladies, I'm open for it.

Man, I just got my first prank phone call of 2009. That's like... some kind of record I bet! Only 14 minutes after midnight.

- more card making and sending

- less indecision

- more patience

- less un-recyclable waste

- more eating at home

- less pop

... Okay, I was going to try and do 24 of these babies, but I just can't think and celebrate the New Year at the same time. Also, I want to make resolutions that I can actually keep or try hard to keep. None of this "less war" "more peace" stuff. Besides, 12/24 is good enough for me. What would you rather have? 12/12 resolutions kept, or 12/24 resolutions kept?

Time to post this baby! Oh? a New Year's haiku? Okay.

New Year Haiku:

Fireworks flying
Cheering around the world
Yesteryear's tunes play.