Friday, March 12, 2010

Season Two Episode Thirty One

Benjamin Franklin
Harnessing lightning's power
Apple computer.

Dramatic entrance
Striking awe in everyone

Paper mache set
Grade five children's production
Dinosaurs in Cats.

Chocolate cake meltdown
Symbolic of my sister
If she was shorter.

Lumberjack breakfast
Making the cook earn his wage
Meal fit for men.

Chinatown shopping
Found rare and unique items
Friendly shop owners.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Season Two Episode Thirty

Bag full of rainbows
Left laying in the alley
Who will find this gift?

Dropped at the roadside
Seemingly thought forgotten
But by the owner.

Fortunate eagle
Focused eye finding salmon
Fish brings nourishment.

Nugget of goodness
Nutrition out the window
Not meant for adults.

Taco filled with love
Token gift from Mexico
Taste buds are happy.

Quarter filled tip jar
Qualifying bartender
Quick to fill orders.

Ant following ant
Acquiring blade of grass
Accomplished workers.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Season Two Episode Twenty Nine

Here's a story that I began to write before I played the game with a couple friends that same day! Also, if you don't know the game, see here: for details.

Dear diary, it’s currently 9:41, and I still have no trace of the target. I’ve narrowed his position to two locations: the eastern end of the city, and the southern end of the city. I figure the best way to track him down further is to go from house to house, explaining the situation and asking if they’ve seen the target recently. If this plan of action does not show progress within a week, I will come up with another one.
Today I will begin my search for the target in the southern end and work my way up east. But then, perhaps there is a chance the target might move to other parts of the city. It may be better, and more efficient to start in the east and work my way down south, especially since the police have the west end covered. Hm. If the police have the west end covered, certainly they’d be able to cover the northern part as well, and therefore, it wouldn’t matter if I covered the south end first and made my way east, or if I started in the east and made my way south. I suppose that since I’ll be heading south in order to start my search, I might as well start my search in the south and work my way east. Ah, that sounds like a good plan. Okay dear diary wish me luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Season Two Episode Twenty Eight

Here I am, in Calgary, AB visiting my dad. I just thought I'd share a few haiku with you all that I wrote on the bus on the way here.

Blue helicopter
Sitting in a wheat field
Waiting for clearance.

Stops along the way
Hardly worth my mentioning
Boring bus depots.

Clouds veiling sun
Creating rainbowed sun dogs
Over snowy land.

Same destination
Two paths, one made much too long
Time more than doubled.

Music keeping me
From losing my sanity
Thank you Mstrkrft.

Blueberry bagels
Hickory smoked beef jerky
Orange and banana.

Fog making its way
Across the lands and highways
Creeping us all out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Season Two Episode Twenty Seven

Poetic justice
Unable to be upheld
No rhyme or reason.

Building a rainbow
Laying the bricks one by one
Filling up the sky.

Pizza in a cup
Filling my mouth with gladness
Pepperoni love.

Lakeside bonfire
Seen from across the waters
Longing for the warmth.

Big school of fish
Multitude of bright colors
Swim along swiftly.