Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some days I just don't care about life, which makes it hard for blog writing. Just because something goes wrong, doesn't mean my blog should suffer, but today I'm going to allow it. Not that it was something terribly wrong, but I'm just not caring enough to make a sweet poem. I have a really good idea for one, but I'm not in the mood. It wouldn't be the same if the words weren't heart felt.

I didn't want to leave today blank though so I thought I might as well vent a little. It's my space, right? I try to keep the negative thoughts and complaints out of here though because this is my space. Sigh. I'ma play C&C, see if that helps. I'll leave you with a picture. It describes this entry.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I like having a tv show on while eating lunch. It all started with the Flintstones. This show was on during the noon hour at my school from kindergarten until grade For some reason I don't remember it being on in grade eight, but I could be wrong. Maybe I didn't watch it much because my friends and I would go to someone's house for lunch. Usually Matthew or Jason's house because they were close and their parents didn't mind.

I've started watching Friends again because of my free rentabilities and I've grown to watching them during my lunch hour. It's something to look forward to, which I think I need at that time of the day. It'd have to be a half hour show because hour long shows are too long for a lunch hour. I'd have to start it just as I got home and it would end just as I would have to leave, or most likely just before I have to leave, so that just wouldn't work out. So it's a good think I finished watching Heroes season one before this.

Hold on, I'ma get Jones. I'm jonesin' for a Jones. As you can tell, I likes the Wiki.

Okay, Friends is a show I like to watch because you can really just tune in to any episode and there's your fun for half an hour. The same can be said of Seinfeld, another favorite, but I tend to like Seinfeld over friends because of it's more ...maturity than Friends. Also Friends has a "chick flick" kind of feel to it. I like both shows and they share the same paragraph because they both feel like you're opening the door to people's lives and this is what's going on right now, right at this moment. I'm sure you could say that about other shows, 24 for example... but Friends and Seinfeld are more about nothing rather than something, such as Heroes and 24.

Back to my main train of thought: eating and watching tv. This is probably a horrid thought to many, but very much the thing to do with so many more. I really liked how, at my school, they'd bring in the tv.. oh first, everyone between grades 1-8 would gather in the gym for lunch. Kindergartners ate in their classroom but even then I think the tv was brought in, maybe not.

Anyway, we'd all watch the Flintstones during lunch and well, it was hard to get away from that habit. When my sister and I would go out to my grandparent's farm, we'd always ask if we could watch the Flintstones during lunch, instead of sit around the table with everyone else. Not that we didn't care for the company but because we enjoyed Flintstones with lunch. It was alsost like watching Flintstones was a comfort. We just couldn't miss out. Sigh. Now you have to buy Flintstones to enjoy them, or have cable or satellite for Teletoon Retro.

I'm done.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay, if you look really closely you can see the gnome I caught snooping around. Or plotting murder. I think he used a magical gem on me to escape, but he cannot keep my voice silent! I've been suspecting gnomes for mischief ever since I saw that episode of Malcolm in the Middle. I'm pretty sure it was "New Neighbors" in season 2. No I don't know that off the top of my head, I had to look it up. It's about new neighbors moving in next door and Hal and the other father are the only ones that get along. Malcolm doesn't get along with the guy, Reese doesn't get along with the little girl, and Dewey doesn't get along with the their gnome.

Right well, I'm pretty sure the gnomes are to blame for taking socks from the dryer. It's like the gnome ...hat for the peasant gnomes. I would have assumed gnomes would have been born with hats on... Oh I've got it! The sock is the sleeping bag for the camping gnome. Oh those guys! I oughta teach them what for. If only they weren't so hard to catch. Or is that leprechauns? Well it for sure is leprechauns, maybe it just runs for all little people. Always with the clever escape routes and sneaking. Pants!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm pretty sure looking forward to something while you still have to work should be ...banned from the country. Cause no matter how many days of work there are between you and the object of your desire, those days of work are always the worst you'll have. Or at least they seem that way. You should just be able to have the week before off so that it won't seem so bad. But then you'd probably look forward to having that week off so then the days before that week will be bad. Dang, I thought I almost had a solution.

Sigh. And the worst part about looking forward to something while you still have to work, at least for me, is that you try not to think about that which you're looking forward to but that only means you'll think about it all the more! My kingdom for some peace of mind and a not crappy job! Or at least a piece of pie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Birthdays. I feel that, amoungst my friends, I'm the one who gets most excited and look forward the most to a birthday. I love birthdays, for what should be an obvious reason, because it's a chance to celebrate a friend. If you wanted to go for the smallest reason for why you could/should celebrate a birthday, it's a chance to party on a day that you wouldn't otherwise.

The reasons I like birthdays are: getting friends together to celebrate another friend, a chance to have some fun, making a card, and the cake. I kinda hesitate on the cake bit, just because too many people cop-out and get old and boring. Not that the cake is old, but that the idea of a plain cake is old. Now I know that we're getting old and plain cake is the way to go, but some of the birthday cakes that I've seen made are quite the work of art.

The best birthdays are when you can get everyone that person knows, together and it's a surprise. I've always wanted a surprise birthday party but have never got one. Sigh. The biggest problem with surprise birthdays is that it has to be well planned, organized and with lots of people, especially now that we're in our twenties and everyone has a job, can be a bit difficult. But it gets really good when you're just able to pull everything off and when the person get home... oh man, they didn't see this coming!

Or maybe the best is when everything is coming along smoothly, you take the person out for whatever reason, everyone else gets together at someone's house, the plan is working great but some how the person found out about or suspects a surprise birthday but they don't tell you that they know. And then they pull something unexpected like going in through the back door instead of the front door and pops a paper bag behind everyone waiting for them. Oh man, if I were ever to have that kind of opertunity, I'd get you all.

Or maybe they know about the party and then they fake a sickness or that they found out that grandma died and they're really not in the mood for the part and it kills the moment, but only the moment because at the last minute they um... enjoy the party. Zing! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

Alright, so until next time: recycle your Christmas trees. Have a gooder.

Friday, July 25, 2008


So I bought two of Queen's greatest hits albums a week ago and I've been listening to them fairly often because they're really good. Also though, I had been thinking that it was too bad I couldn't have grown up when they were making their career, but at the same time I would be stuck in that era probably, telling kids their music sucks... well more than I do now, and I'd probably miss out on the bands I love right now. One part of me wishes I could have seen Queen in concert back in the day, but then the other part says, ya but you'd only be there for Queen (most likely) so would I really want to live a decade earlier for Queen? I'm sure there are those of you out there that are all about the 70's or like... don't mind being in your 30's right now but uh... I'm not sure about that. It doesn't matter, really I'm just saying that I really enjoy Queen. But not their hair. You might be all like "but their hair's classic and crap" but no, that was the worst part of the 70's and 80's and early 90's for me. Gross hair. That'd normally be the spot where I add a link or picture, but I really don't want to find a picture of gross hair.

Hhokay, new topic: um... I can't think of one. I'lls make up a haiku:

Icecream sunday taste
Hair like banana peels
Cherry chapstick lips.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, I could have sworn I had posted yesterday but apparently not. Man, I had thought up a poem about Mario and everything then I went to bed thinking how good the poem was ...and now there's not a lick of it. And I don't even remember most of the poem. Maybe it was just a dream I had. Sigh. Here's something I hope you enjoy.

If you didn't enjoy that then maybe this haiku will sedate your ever hungry mind. Or um, at least tease it like appetisers used to.

Riding on her cloud

Watching for a wondrous act

Scepter in her hand.

Wait! That's not all!! Now for only 3 easy payments of an easy $5,099.99 you can um... oh hey that reminds me they hardly show the dollar sign anymore on those kinds of commercials... or at least there have been a few that I've seen that don't have it. As if it's not really money, it's just numbers and therefore you're able to get the product, anyone can.

Just incase you're wondering, yes I would like to see a movie of this scene:

I don't know if you'd really have to make it a stand alone movie, what I really want is for them to include it in the Wolverine: Origins sequel... if they make one. I don't know how much Hugh Jackman likes being Wolverine, but if he were to go along with the different stories that could come from the Wolverine comics, that would be sweet because there are a few story arches I'd like to see on film.

Too much media for ya?! Punk!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't care what you might say or thing, there are some video games out there that are just plain ol' adicting. Bomberman being just one of them, I find myself able to try and try again to see if I can make it further than last time. I don't think I've really beaten a Bomberman game because I find some of those levels just too danged hard. Or no wait... memories of a bored schoolite are coming back to me. I don't know if I had beaten it or if I just had gotten pretty far and then was watching as someone else beat it for me. Ah whatever, it's still a fun game.

Speaking of fun games, I've never beaten it but I've most likely gotten further than any of you's. Here's a game I like to call: Trogdor.

I'd challange any of you to beat me if I knew you were up to it. Maybe Dave or Steve or Kyle will pick me up on the challange, but I doubt it. If you find it within yourselves to at least try the game, post on here how far you get. Okay, more awesome tomorrow. Have a gooder.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Do you think Santa would have, if he existed, the latest and greatest in technology? That wouldn't mean his elves would be cut out of the picture, it'd just mean they'd be engineers instead of carpenters. They'd use welding torches instead of wooden hammers. That's the first option for Santa's workshop. The second would be the traditional, and the third would be a mix of both. There would be the carpenters working on the kiddy toys and the engineers working on all the technology ...oh! There's that word again. If you think about it, the third option is probably the most logical because you would have to stick with the traditional idea for Santa to really work, but to really work you'd need Santa to have elves that would be heading the world's technology. How else do people get palm pilots and game systems as presents?

Well, since there's no such thing as Santa ...sorry Roger.
Ahem, as I was saying... since there's no such thing as Santa, ... I uh... I forgot what I was going to say. Pants!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ever notice how in a story, when a charactor realizes their surroundings are "too quiet" it is probably already too late? Whether the charactor is able to avoid the danger or not often depends on whether or not they are in the group of main charactors. If they are not, they most often die or whatever the consequence. If they are, they most likely have to be the lead charactor, or second place, to avoid danger. Sometimes the author will throw the lead charactor into harms way at first, giving the secondary charactor a chance to save the day but ultimately doesn't and thus the lead charactor has their chance again to pull through and save the day.

Now it seems to me that whenever a charactor, whether in movie, book, or comic, realizes that their suroundings are too quiet they either blame their arch nemesis or they have no idea as to what is to come. All the charactors know is that danger is near and they've got to prepare for the worst.

Of course, since everyone has come to expect danger after the phrase "it's a little too quiet" there have been writers that have come up with the idea for something harmless to come into the scene. When this happens, the imending danger either comes right after or doesn't happen at all, or rather eventually happens but not as soon as you think. I kinda like that idea, that you're expecting certain doom but really a bunny comes on the scene and you think it's much too adorable, until it starts to slaughter you and your men! Quick, use the Holy Handgranade!

Friday, July 18, 2008


I wanted to write a poem today, but I can't come up with anything. Here are a couple haiku's instead.

Vivid melt down town
Efficiently simplistic
Small translucent frog.

Sitting in her palm
Watching, hoping for it to grow
Kiss it for good luck.

Some people have suggested that I put all my haiku's together for a book, but I kinda like the idea of giving them out for free, for my friends, as they come to me. I think that's what art truly is, a gift. Both to the creator and the um... public. To say that one piece of art is more valuable than the other, has always been a little strange to me. Value is placed on something because one person or a group of people hold it in higher regard than that which surrounds it. Yes, time and effort we put into a piece of art and if people like it then it has been worth your time and effort, but does that mean it should be worth money? If so, I should be selling my cards and everyone I've given a card to ...well you can sell them but give me 70%.

I'ma see Batman now. As for the rest of you, take luck.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


If I were to be a robot, what functions would I have? Would I be in charge of many tasks or only one capability? Would I be reprogrammable? Could I change from one size to another? Maybe for my function I'd have to be big, but for transportation purposes I could become really small and compact.

I think my first instinct would be that I'd like to be of many uses. I don't know if I'd like to be giant or regular size or somewhere in between, but I'm also not sure if I'd follow my instinct and choose to perform many functions. The only thing about being able to perform only one task is that if that task ever stops being needed, well then there'd be no further use of me. But then, if I was reprogrammable, that'd be different. But then if my other function required me to be smaller or bigger, well I'd have to be able to change my size. But really, how to you make something only so big become very big? I suppose one could say that when one is contemplating robots and the many possibilities there-in, stuff of physics doesn't matter. I would however, like to make some kind of a plausible suggestion.

What about yourself? What kind of robot do you think would suite yourself, or that you would want to be. Yes, if you read this entry I would ask that you have more involvement than your previous readings as I have only one comment, and that from my sister. Not to discount it in anyway, but I would hope that of all people family would post. No, of course you have a perfect amount of say in whether you would post or not, but I would ask that you do as this seems to me to be a fun suggestion on which to comment on.

So for myself, what kind of robot would I be? Well I suppose I'd like to go with my instinct and say that I would be of many functions and many sizes, so as for the lack of limitations. Personally I feel that is how a lot of people would choose as we being human often feel limited and held back from our true potential or our created potential.

As for what functions I'd perform... well I've always wanted to be able to project music, more like a discman but a human discman. So then I'd be able to play whatever music I download, so I'd be wireless, have built-in speakers of supreme quality, and wouldn't need a jumpdrive, although I'd have a port built in just in case. Another function I'd like is a built-in flight system. Preferably something that didn't know I could just say I'd like to be Iron Man and that'd solve a lot. I don't know why I didn't think of that until I was thinking about what kind of flight system I'd have, but there it is. I'd like to be Iron Man. I'd probably have the suite more tailored to myself, but I don't really know what I'd add mainly because I don't know all of what he has. And I'm done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Nicknames. These have been both useful and annoying for centuries, and I quite frankly have had almost enough. Well not really, I just wanted to say "quite frankly". But there is an aspect I don't like. It's that for couples, the names are mostly the same. "Baby", "hun", "babe", "dear", "sugarbutt", "sweet cheeks", "honey bunches of oats", "mighty caesar", "afrolicious", "love bun" ...the list goes on. You know why they're repeated and over-used? It's because that's what everyone's parents or older sibling or whatever always uses, and they use it because of their parents and etc.

If we're talking nicknames for overall purposes (not couple names but nicknames), it's mainly because you can't remember the person's name, or it's because they do something often or something horrible yet funny happened, or because their name just sucks so you have to make up a new one.

The nicknames I have had over the years are (no foolin'): Huston, Becky, and Super Dave. Those are more affectionate in nature. The ones that aren't are: um... well they just make fun of my last name and I don't care to mention them because I'm just tired of hearing them and the next person who says it gets a kick in the face Chuck Norris style.

Here's a pretty picture:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Food. It is what drives us as humans. There's that saying "Animals eat to live, humans live to eat". It's true, food is delicious and we are driven by what brings us pleasure. There are many ways in which food can be prepared... uh hold on, there's a song I don't know on my computer. Oh nope, it's Pancreas by Weird Al. Man that guy's name sure fits. ...gross.

Okay, back to food. I uh... I'm finding it hard to write with this song. I'll have to wait until it's done. I'll find a picture in the meantime. See, this is a bit what I mean. This picture of a breakfast, a happy breakfast. Do animals make play with their food and make it all picture nice? Hecks, we even dress up as food.

We've got food from all sorts of countries in one city so that you don't have to travel to those countries and suffer from too much exposure to their cultures. But you know what I'm still waiting for? A fast food Indian restaurant, or if you want to be PC about it Indoamerican. Either way, I want my curried rice and chicken, and I want it fast! Drive though, or drive thru. Why aren't there any drive through oriental places? It's always take out or delivery or in the mall.
That's another thing we drive (live) for, shopping. We have shopping malls that we're shopping for so long that we get hungry, but we don't want to leave the mall and go home to eat, we want to eat at the mall so that after we eat we can continue our shopping. But I do like the food court, don't get me wrong because some malls, that's all I really go there for. Hecks, more than half the shops in the mall are for women anyway, what do I need them for? I don't have a girlfriend. There were a couple food courts in Calgary, mainly on the NE side, with restaurants whose only location in the city was in the food court, and they had really good Vietnamese food.
What am I aiming at? I love food, but sometimes there's just too much of it around. Oh wait! What my real point is, is this: If America loves food so much, why hasn't the Replicator from Star Trek been made? That would be something I'd buy for the home. Okay I'm done.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Courage. It’s what drives us to perform acts and duties that may not otherwise come to a person’s intuition or average thinking. It is not something that comes in equal portions for each individual. Some possess a lot, while others claim not to have much, but mostly it seems to come with each situation one comes to face. This is all for the average person; there are individuals that require more courage because of the duties needed for them to perform. Firefighters, police officers, and military officers are the first and foremost that come to mind for courageous careers because of the obvious dangers involved in such careers.
Other careers that might not require as much courage but still more than the average person might be surgeons (and the like), teachers, defense lawyers, post officers, door-to-door salesmen, and coaches for most sports. I suppose that there are others that need courage of some sort, and maybe some of the careers I listed depend on the neighborhood, city, culture, or country one finds oneself in but they all seem to be careers that a lot of people don’t often feel comfortable going out and doing on a regular basis, and so I gave it to the attribution of courage in these people to perform their duties.

Any job that requires public speaking would also require courage because the average person (as Jerry Seinfeld so put it) would prefer being in the coffin than to give the eulogy. I think perhaps the attribution of courage would also differ from person to person depending on the upbringing of the individual. In that, there are many different elements that affect the individual’s upbringing and their amount of courage, or at what age the person finds their courage and how often they have had to call upon it.

To the average individual courage is summoned up in the small things first, it is a development. Overcoming a fear of the dark, animals, strangers, being alone, confined spaces, etc… As a kid then, courage in the individual is most often brought upon through osmosis from parent to kid. It is then important how the parent reacts to the kid and the situation; that the parent treats their kid with respect and allows the kid to face their fears in equal measures of on their own and with the help of the parent, so that courage in the kid grows in a way that they will be able to face bigger fears on a gradual basis. In other words, as the kids grow, so should their courage. The same should be said for other attributes such as love, joy, discipline, patience and so on.

Where am I going with this? What brought it on? The second question is easiest to answer and can be used for most of my works. The way I write, whether it is a poem, story, haiku, this blog, or even an essay, is that I follow the first thought or word that comes to my head and go with it. The answer to the first question is that we don’t often think about courage, yet it comes to us as if on instinct. Not quite instinct because it is more of a choice and a discipline in most situations in the everyday life. In the emergencies or unexpected events that life brings, courage is, ironically, more brought on because of fear. Some people have said that it is fear that drove an individual on to perform such a duty, but I feel it is more that fear sparks courage, but only when the individual chooses to perform a “heroic” duty. Otherwise it is just acting out of fearful instinct. The line between the two might be thin, but really anyone can have the chance to be heroic. It is all a matter of saying “yes” or “no” to the right questions.


How are there people you just automatically know you won’t like? They’re probably perfectly …well perhaps not “perfectly” because otherwise- the point is, as far as other people are concerned, this person is a good person, but your gut is telling you otherwise. That’s what it is, your gut. You just get a feeling that you probably won’t get along with this person. Something about them just stinks and already you just want to stay away from them. The only real question that lies before you is: do you give them a chance? Depending on the setting, most likely if it is a social “party” setting or “event”. But if it was you and them in some kind of “public conspiracy”, they you’d probably say no to that question and leave them alone. The question that comes from that however is: if you said yes, are you more likely to get along with them anyway, even though you had that initial gut feeling, and reversely are you least likely to get along with them because you said no. Does the attitude trump the gut feeling? I don’t know because I’m no psychology degree superstar.

I’ve always been told to keep a positive attitude, but that can be a tough thing sometimes. Also, can it be considered delusion or being too optimistic …ooo, snakeman. Oh uh, I’m just listening to music right now and the theme for snameman for megaman 3 came on. Yes, I knew it was snakeman without looking first. Chux’s wife.

Okay, back to topic: when you come across someone and have a gut instinct that you won’t like them, do you listen to that instinct or try to prove it wrong? So then, here you are proving it wrong and you go up to the person with all the positive attitude and goodness you can muster, but then you realize that you really wouldn’t get along with this person. Oh no! So then has your positive attitude been defeated because, by going up to this person in the thinking that you can be friends, or at least get along but then being proven wrong… But, let us say that you were proven wrong the other way. You don’t think you’ll get along because your gut says so and your gut is usually right, then it turns out because somehow you came across them and got talking, and you end up getting along even though you didn’t think you would. Oh, ho! Now what Sherlock?
I uh… I don’t know where I’m going with this except that I want to prove psychology degree people wrong. Okay I’m done.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Which reminds me, people who are over-eager are very annoying. No less than three people on the same bus today, when I was coming home, rang the bell for the next stop right as we left the stop. The worst was this lady who didn't think there was another stop between hers and the current one when actually there was one. I know you're anxious to get to your destination but will waiting until you're a block away from your stop hurt you? The second worst lady, or I mean passenger, got off at my stop but she rung the bell 3 big blocks away, I'm talking about a minute and a half ride. There's a long stretch between the last stop and the one in front of my place where you can easily wait until you're around the corner before ringing the bell, which gives the bus driver plenty of time and notice.

Sigh. I'm not just saying this because it's annoying, but also because there's a chance that if you ring the bell too early, the bus driver might go past the stop. There are some days when the bus driver is very distracted, either talking to a passenger or because they're daydreaming or on the phone or whatever they might occupy themselves with (which I can totally understand because you're going to need something to make the job seem not so bad or enjoyable). Basically, your bus driver could be distracted on any given day, so do your best to be a good passenger, especially if that's your only mode of transportation, but even more especially if that's the only mode of transportation because you choose it to be. Just because you pay the fair doesn't mean the bus is yours to run and that you get special privileges or treatment.

No, the customer is not always right because that "policy" has been around far too long with far too many people taking advantage of that for it to even apply. Frankly I'm mostly sick of customers because of the way they figure they should be treated. Shopping has too much of a "we're customers so treat us like royalty because if it wasn't for us, you'd have no business" mentality to it. I highly doubt any business would really die out because of a few snobby high maintenance customers not doing their business (figuratively and literally). Well I suppose the figurative part would be that they do their business... well they're just full of crap is all.

Anyway, enough ranting about how I don't like people who think they're the center of things, and the be-all end-all to anything. Like they're so important and I'm such a trend setter so listen to me and do what I say and act like me and me, me, MEEEE! I believe Brian Regan named them best as "me monsters".

Okay, for real this time. I'm going away for the weekend with no internets, but I am going to take my laptop and write up in Word as if I'm bloggin' then once I get back home I'll post each blog on it's respective day? Uh... maybe Monday will be a three day blog. Or rather a three blog day. Man, could you handle a three day blog? I don't think you could. Me? I just need to start complaining and I could do it no problem.

Pizza illusion
Calling out mocking me
Denying my slice.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


You know something that I'm thankful for? The invention of the tortilla. It is so versatile and handy. Now I know, as do those of you who went to college with me, that they can be not so exciting when you have them ...well there is just really is such a thing as having too much of it although there are those who might agree with me that a quesadilla is always a good thing. I'd say that "too much" applied more to the pita, but still.

Why I bring this up is that today I had a breakfast burrito, a very good dish and one of my favorites. In fact, many favorites of mine use the tortilla. Tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and burritos. There are a wide variety of ingredients that can be used for all those meals, and different "flavors" of tortillas that you could almost substitute it for bread. I put quotations around flavors because to me, they all really taste about the same. When you're making a taco, it's more about what's on the inside than the outside.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the Mexicans and Spaniards for bringing about the tortilla, and to those people who brought it back to North America.

As for the picture, well I just thought it looked really cool. I love it when people can capture a scene like that without tires or other junk getting into the frame. So sweet a picture, so sweet a blog.

Mexican pancake
Filling my taste buds with joy
Thanks senorita.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I wonder if there's such a thing as sweet lemons. Just with all the genetic testing and what-not going around ...I know it would defeat the purpose of the lemon, but there are other things in this world that have been created that defeat their own purposes. (Here's where I make a funny yet stinging remark about some music group, TV show, or other form of media). ~ Zing ! ~

My reasoning on it though is the same they used for seedless watermelon. Someone got sick enough of those black seeds that they found a way to get watermelon without them. Can't you do the same for lemons? I'm sure someone's sick of how sour they are. (Yet another witty and clever but also stinging remark about some other music group, TV show, or form of media). I'm on fire tonight!

My point is, lemons are good for you, but they're too sour to consume on a regular basis like um... apples. Maybe you could grow a tolerance for it over time, but then you're probably eating too many lemons. When I was little I thought maybe limes were the sweet version of lemons, but that was not to be the case. Sigh.

They can do it with bread and watermelons, and well just about anything really, if enough people complain about something, change will happen. I guess people still like having their lemons sour. But it's not like you can't find seeded watermelon or unsliced bread.

Man, if you think about it though, you could probably make a lot of money from making lemonade from sweet lemons. Right there you've got a product that has 90% less sugar than anyone else on the market, and the way organics and everything like that is going, you'd make some fat wads. Hell, all you'd need to do is reach out to the people with diabetes and seeing as how that's the direction of many% of north america, it'd be raining fat wads. Well, that is if you could get a exclusive hold on that part of the market. Even if you didn't though, I bet you'd still make a fair amount of change because there are always companies looking to make money, and especially if they're in the same market as you are, they'd try to buy you out, or pay you some kind of fee so they could start making their own product.

Dang, I'd like to get me a piece of that sweet lemon pie. OH man! You wouldn't be limited to juice, which makes you a bigger commodity, which means bigger fat wads! I have got to get me a scientist.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hhokay so, here's the plan:
Mr. Red, you take the back entrance with Mrs. Blue. Mr. Black and Mrs. Yellow take the west entrance. Mr. Pink and Mrs. Green cover the east entrance. Mrs. Orange, you're with me we cover the front. We only get three water balloons each, so make sure they count.

"Champion of today, falling off the wings of yesterday
Hunt for tomorrow's nest, careful not to make a sound
You will try your very best, but tomorrow cannot be found
The only way you'll come across it is when it is already upon you
By then it will be too late for today will slip away
And you will no longer be the champion of today."

They will try to take it from you but you must step up and stop them. You are armed and partnered up. It is your duty to keep each other alert and ready for any occurrence. We have trained for too long and too hard to mess this up. The world is counting on us, which is a big burden to carry but we are bigger than that burden and strong enough not to let the world down. We can do this. Now roll out!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


WARNING: If you are faint of heart and weak of butt, you may want to avoid today's blog.

I don't know about everyone else here, but I'm kinda getting creative and non-conformist about food. Just because some food has been made a certain way for ages, doesn't mean that's the only way you can have it, or the only way too have it. It might be the best way to have it, but that doesn't mean other ways are wrong. Yeah, that's right. I went there. Oh wait, not there yet.

Okay my point is: Who says burgers have to have mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, relish, onion or cheese? Why did it come to the point that if you don't have any of those, you don't have a burger? I'm glad Pizza Hut moved past that "norm" with pizza by introducing the desert pizza. Oh, but before I go any further I need to make one thing very clear. All this rant is not to say that I'm not happy with what we have and what we make, or to say that I'm being picky by any means. If you know me, the only things I'm "picky" about is what comes from the devil, namely McDonald's and Pepsi. Or if it makes me sick like potato salad or egg salad. Or like, soy. Also to make something clear, Mc******* and P**** are the only things on that list of things I don't like that come from the devil. The other things are just ...well they don't agree with me.

Although, I did have a egg salad sandwich or two at some kind of something when I was out at my grandparents'. So there are things on my do not like list that I'm willing to try once again if I hadn't tried it in a while, or that I'm willing to eat just because that's what's being served.

My main point about foods having to be prepared one way and not the other comes from lunch today. I had burgers, but without ketchup, mustard, relish or BBQ sauce. Only because when I went to put them on my burger I simply didn't want to conform to the "this is a burger" idea. Now, it's not like I was thinking, all out rebellion, because if I did well... I wouldn't put my burger in a burger bun, I wouldn't have had lettuce and tomato and onion, I would have done something completely different and if anyone had witnessed it they might have slapped me.

But see, that's the type of thinking that got me a-ranting. Just so you don't misunderstand all this, I'm talking about a once in a while thing, not a steady way of life. It's not like I don't enjoy a good ol' BBQ'd, ketchup'd, mustard'd, cheese'd and onion'd burger with pickles either on or to the side, it's just that I wish that there were other options. I suppose you could blaspheme and say "well why don't you try a soy-" Why don't you cram it in your ear! Jerk. "Oh but it's-" No! Not interested. I like meat. I'm talking toppings only. And if you say I left out mayo, you're gross.

Okay, so maybe my sister is thinking nasty things, and maybe you are too and maybe you're saying I'm trying to have things both ways or am asking for change but don't really want it... well maybe you don't know about burger politics. And yes, I do because I worked at Harvey's for a year, so I have a say in this.

There are introductions to the burger world that I'm happy for such as the small but important change of using different cheeses. Also, sauteed mushrooms and the use of bacon are very much OK in my book, but are these enough? Probably if you're a sissy. The best almost different burger I've had was... somewhere, but it had avocado, bacon, tomato, jalapeno, and probably something else. No ketchup, no mustard, no pickle or onion, oh and it had some kind of cheese but I forget if it was other than cheddar or mozzarella.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this idea of making foods different out there. If you think it's too radical for you then I'm sorry for your loss. Besides, I put the warning up there so it's your fault if you take offence to my suggest.

Ode to the cow:

Four-legged mammal
Please eat grass and keep healthy
You provide tasties.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Okay, so here I am in the Great White North, eh. Way up there on the mountain. Right beside that mounty cabin with the wind blowing in my hair and the hot girl taking the picture. Actually I don't remember who took the picture. This was taken in ...2001? Could be. I'm pretty sure my haircut is exactly the same length right now.

You know what I think? I think I missed the "Great Frontier". There's still that element in the world, but it's definitely getting less and less. If you want, I'd recomend reading Thomas Wharton's Icefields. It takes place during the early 1900's and deals with the forging of -well I don't want to give too much away. Now you have to go check it out. Okay but seriously, really good book by a really good author.

Explore the world
See what is in store for you
Take off you hoser.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Money. Do you think that someday we're going to have "credits" or some kind of universal money? No more coins, no more bills, just a card that you swipe. Will it even be your bank or credit card anymore? Or are they going to invent some kind of hover card that just works for everything? I think if they're going to do that, it might as well hover, and it better have glowing lights underneath so that it'd be like this cool racing hover card. Hey, if we're not going to make flying cars anytime soon, might as well have something else. Although, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea, having your money hover around. And who's to say how high it can go? That would do you no good if you just happen to let go of your card and it goes flying off! What do they expect us to do about that if they're not going to provide jet packs! Man, the nerve of these hover banks. Just cause they're so universal. "Oh look at me with me hover bank and fancy hover card with glow lights underneath. I'm so pretty and important and importantly pretty!" Man alive.
But you know what bugs me? Why can't they have real pool balls in Firefly? They had real pool sticks, why not real balls? Sure it's fancy to make it all hologrammy but it's not like they'd have been some kind of precious commodity. If the problem is that people steal them too often, well I guess, but is that really a problem in the future? People stealing pool balls? If so, why not just have a security wall like they have for guns, but this one is for pool balls. That way they're not stolen.

Sigh. The problems that rack my brain and keep me up at night.

And now for today's haiku:

Little white blossums
Favoured by the bumble bees
Make me sweet honey.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Here's some of that alphabetical order haiku stuff I was talking about. I'll try and do the whole alphabet later, but here's what I have so far.

Chinese takeout box
Chopsticks on coffee table
Chow mien residue.

Flower springing forth
Firm roots beneath the soil
Finding warm sunlight.

Invisible force
Interrupting life sometimes
Intriguing to all.

Lounging sleepily
Lazy and lethargic sloth
Lofty in his tree.

Obtuse angles drawn
Over achieving drafter
Obscure art desktop.

Rust eating away
Ripe circles of orange and red
Ripping apart steel.

Under There is cool
Undeniable talent
Ultimate duo.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here's a poem I didn't not write when I wasn't not at work. Just so we're clear.
As boredom glosses over me, I awaken to the sight.

Turning wrong into right I save all from this plight.

Relief comes in like a flood to wash us clean from this mud.

Now the chorus can begin for things are looking a lot less grim.

They all sing up my praises so let's hear of some raises.

Okay, now about three dreams I had involving celebrities. The first was involving Christopher Walken teaching me how to con people. The second was with Kevin Nealon cheering me on and helping me out in some kind of race/competition. And the third which I had just last night involving Quentin Tarantino in some kind of bizarre world where he's a emerald magician and he was training me, but then we end up in his fortress which is shaped like his head and inside we're fighting off some opposing army. Then somehow I become the key power... like I'm Quentin's magic come to life in bodily form and I have to protect the "brain" of the house or something. So I lock myself in the upper room after fooling two soldiers and I think there's a snake after me, but that's when I wake up.

Today I see Hancock. Suckers! And for those of you who saw it yesterday (which I doubt) well you can just eat it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy Canada Day!

Or at least it could be better if I didn't have to work and I could get together with friends with fireworks. But at least I have tomorrow off and a good imagination. Not to say that I'll need to imagine being with my friends, but that I'll have to imagine it is the 30th today and tomorrow is the first. Sigh.

It's too bad I haven't been working somewhere for years and now is my vacation time. Not to say that I haven't enjoyed having the weekends off that I've asked for, but that I wouldn't mind having a car to drive around in, visiting strange and distant houses, eating exotic foods and writing books about my journey. Yeah, many books about one journey. They'd each be done in a different perspective and each would have a surprisingly twisted ending but that would be nothing compared to the middle of each book, cause other wise if it were just the end that was different, people would just read the last few chapters. But if they did that, they'd have read the whole book because there's no way my attention would last more than a few chapters a book.

Hey you know what wouldn't be too bad? Writing a story from the perspective of a car. Now of course, it'd have to be a car owned by the mob or something, but still... you could do it and it'd be a fun read. Or like, the car belongs to a girl who runs a flower shop, but then a mob member or a gangster or ...oh! Even better, you could write a series from one car's perspective and it keeps getting stolen so then every book it belongs to one or two different owners. That would be a sweet story. There would be so many possibilities.

Oh, and that doesn't mean I like the movie Cars. It was alright but uh... that wasn't even in my mind when I came up with this idea. Yeah, I was thinking something a whole lot better than Cars.

Shining bright and blue

Bits of white scattered through-out

Encompass the whole.