Saturday, January 2, 2010

Season Two Episode Twenty Nine

Here's a story that I began to write before I played the game with a couple friends that same day! Also, if you don't know the game, see here: for details.

Dear diary, it’s currently 9:41, and I still have no trace of the target. I’ve narrowed his position to two locations: the eastern end of the city, and the southern end of the city. I figure the best way to track him down further is to go from house to house, explaining the situation and asking if they’ve seen the target recently. If this plan of action does not show progress within a week, I will come up with another one.
Today I will begin my search for the target in the southern end and work my way up east. But then, perhaps there is a chance the target might move to other parts of the city. It may be better, and more efficient to start in the east and work my way down south, especially since the police have the west end covered. Hm. If the police have the west end covered, certainly they’d be able to cover the northern part as well, and therefore, it wouldn’t matter if I covered the south end first and made my way east, or if I started in the east and made my way south. I suppose that since I’ll be heading south in order to start my search, I might as well start my search in the south and work my way east. Ah, that sounds like a good plan. Okay dear diary wish me luck!