Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Down By the Salley Gardens

Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.

In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.

By William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

I think if it were not for creative writing, I would be a little more lost. Either that or I would find myself in... well I don't know what my world would be like if I were not creative. Man, can you imagine an uncreative Dave?


So I come to you now on this my One hundredth bloggin'. Today's topic is thus:

Taking things in moderation.

If there was no moderation in life, one would live full-on in one thing. Or at least that's what I would presume, and as it is there are people out there who only spend their lives in one area of possibility. I prefer to try new things, participate in many ...participations, and I make sure to do something exciting/risky every once in a while.

Risks do not have to be big, nor do they have to be walking across a tightrope while shaving. The same can be said of taking it easy; not every moment need be sitting on the couch snaking while you watch someone walking on a tightrope while shaving, on tv. Also I don't think that if you take the moderate route that means you don't take big risks or big ...relaxing time. And it also is not necessary to go big or go home for either end of the spectrum, or also the middle.

What I mean to say in all this is don't be too worried about stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Where is the growth if there is no risk? And at the same time where is stability if all you do is take risk?

Go now my young grasshopper, find me the WOTD:

Ah, here it is now;

Silage - (n) fodder fermented (as in a silo) to produce a rich moist animal feed

Here now, ladies and gentlemen, is your One hundredth HAIKU:

Hiding in sandbox
Waiting to be used once more
Little red race car.

Monday, September 29, 2008



Now hold on, I'm not going all flaky on you, it's just more laziness speaking. Hear me ...read me out on this one.

Have you ever had this problem (ladies especially I guess, but sometime guys too), you're standing in front of the closet and thinking "What should I wear today?" I mostly just grab what there is and ...well besides consideration of my job, whatever I grabs I wears.

But sometimes, there's that day when you just need that perfect outfit that goes together because ...well I don't know, maybe a hot date or like... a ...concert. Or maybe you um, like to match on mondays. And let us presume you have poor taste in matching. You have great taste in clothing but it's the putting it together that gets your goat.

Think about it, in most any video game that lets you customize your character, there are a variety of different outfits to choose from. Most have the option to mix and match, but there are still outfits that are put together and it's up to you if you keep them that way or not.

The point is: why don't we have this in the stores? You go to the store and the only thing made up to match is the mannequin. I'd like to be able to go into the store and choose from different outfits. And much like the video game, you can either choose the whole ensemble or you can mix and match as you'd like. Also, it wouldn't cost extra to buy the whole outfit because we're living in pretend here. Probably. Unless you're rich.


Interferometer - (n) a device that uses the interference of waves (as of light) for making precise measurements


Rescued by Yeti
Shelter in cave made of snow
Train for next battle.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Have you ever wanted to just pack up and move somewhere else in the world? Right now I think it couldn't be more pleasant than to just pack up and go to Fiji. Or maybe somewhere in Ireland.
So what holds me back? Probably the same things, or some of the same things, as are holding yourself back.

Wanting to stay connected to the roots I already have, for one. That's why a place is called "home". Family is a big hold back, and so are friends when they come along.

A lack of money is another reason. You can't really just pack up and start a new life with under $10,000 can you? Or at least, without being mostly homeless when you arrive to your destination. Quite frankly, as someone who's been middle class for most of my life, I see it as hard to put myself out on the street in a foreign country when I've got a life off the street here. I'm not getting into that Catherine.

Also I'd rather have things a bit more planned out than just pack up and leave. Do some research into housing (finding a place from which it'd be easy to get around, some where I could afford) and also see what kind of jobs would be available.

There is also a conundrum in my way: do I save up for a car, or to live in another country? If I save up to live in another country, would I have to have a car when I get there? If I got a car, would I be able to bring it with me if I move to another country, or would I have to sell it? If selling the car were so, then why bother buying one in the first place.

One more thing, isn't it great that creativity is so diverse in Hollywood? I refere of course to yesterday and today's videos.


Pueblo - (n) 1. an American Indian village of Arizona or New Mexico that consists of flat-roofed stone or adobe houses joined in groups sometimes several stories high 2. cap: a member of a group of American Indian peoples of the southwestern U.S.


Singing of past days
Melody reaching great hights
Reaching to the heart.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


To borrow a little from my last blog... do you think little people get asked for I.D. a lot more than not so little people? I think that would be height discrimination and they should be able to uh... sue? No, this isn't the States... well not that there aren't any little people in the U.S. or um, that they're all in Canada.

The point is this: I recently ate an ice cream sandwich at Fuddruckers, and I can almost say I'm addicted. Almost because that was the first one I've ever had, so that's more like "I really like them", rather than "I've got to have one". I'd like to have another again sometime, but I don't know how soon that will be and if it needs to be sooner than later or I'll die without one. I'm not quite there yet.

And good thing too, did you know deserts are fattening if you have a lot of them? I just thought that was an old wives' tale or like... superstition.

By the way, I've walked under a black ladder plenty of- or I mean... a ladder. I don't think it matters what color the ladder is, and plus the one at work is a light green.

Alright, time for the WOTD:

Tussock - (n) a dense tuft esp. of grass or sedge; also: a hummock in a marsh or bog bound together by roots


Black as coal chocolate
Bitter sweet to my tastebuds
Better in baking.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I don't know which is worse, leprechauns or greedy little clowns.

See, at least when you catch the leprechaun, he'll either give you his gold or play a trick to try and get out of it. But with little clowns, you catch them and all they's got is tricks. Yeah they're rich because they're greedy, but they only stock up on clown stuff. Not much gold there... well so then why would you be chasing after one in the first place? And plus, when you catch a little clown, their person is always booby trapped.

Although... I bet they do have some pretty sweet pies in their caves... or um... little cars. You could have pies o' plenty! Just remember not to try and pick pocket a little clown cause of the previously mentioned booby traps. And if you pick pocket a leprechaun, he'd hold it against you more than just taking his pot of gold. You don't want a leprechaun grudge on your head.

Okay, now for the WOTD:

Melee - (n) 1. A fight or hand-to-hand struggle in which the combatants are mingled in one confused mass. 2. A confused conflict or mingling.


Slowly getting warm
Fire eating away logs
Lay back watch the stars.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I plead the fifth!


Did you know that science cannot explain to me the reason for the lack of saskatoon berry milkshakes, in restaurants... in Saskatoon. I say, if there's a berry named after your town/city, then hecks, that should be the city/town's berry. Not exclusively but that it should show up more often than not. Maybe that's just a USA sort of thing... or rather a movie/tv USA sort of thing. I'm pretty certain that most of my knowledge of what goes on in a different country (in an every day life sort of fashion) comes from what I get from television and movies. Is that sad? My sister would say so but I say, let the knowledge fall from where it may ...and if that knowledge proves false in the end, I learn something new.

But I'm not getting into that, what I want is for more ...pride in our fruits. (Gay pun ...intended). It was too funny to pass up.

Okay but the rest of this is serious. You don't see us not planting Tiger Lillies, or um... not ...land of the living skies. Or um, getting rid of our bridges. So I say, get rid of this strawberry overload crap, give me saskatoon berries! But no, it's strawberry this and pomegranate that!


I'd say some kind of smart comment and wise crack about ...the liberals, but I'm fresh out. Plus it's already time for:


Ghastly - (adj) 1. horrible, shocking 2. resembling a ghost: deathlike, pale; syn: gruesome, grim, lurid, grisly, macabre

And now I give you my haiku:

Failing light bulb
Lashing out for room to breath
Harness victory.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Naming products.

To me, it helps that a product has a good name, but it helps more when the name isn't some company's way of trying to make up for the product or that they know their product is exactly the same as one that has come before theirs, so they try to make their name sound better. Either the name tries to sell the product through appeal or tries to make the product sound like it is the best thing ever.

I think that ...if it were up to me, I'd ban naming common items with extraordinary words. Especially and more importantly if the product is made by two different companies but owned by the same corporation. Instead of trying to fool the public with a name, and packaging, just try to make the product better. And stop trying to fool us by having two different companies produce the same product while both companies are under the same corporation.

The useless thing about all this is that there are too many people out there that fall for this sort of thing, thus encouraging companies/corporations to continue with this sad and sorry tale. As if I'm not going to buy something just because it doesn't have "amazing" or "delicious" in its name. Of course, the new thing for food is that the product is "fat free" or "made with whole wheat".

"What's this? A new fabulously delicious fat free chocolate cake mix is on the market? I'll take four!"


WOTD has been brought to you by the Flexomatic 5000:

Ballyhoo - (n) extravagant statements and claims made for publicity


Golden leaves falling
Wind scatters them across grass
Crunching underfoot.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What happens when a duck runs into a pillow factory?

A really bad joke.

But seriously, have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world as part of an act? I think that would be so cool and amazing, but then... it's not like I could just join up with the circus or some other spectacle. It takes years of practice and training... doesn't it? That's what I've been lead to believe. Maybe I've had it all wrong and I can phone them up and be all:

"Hi, I'm calling to join your group."

"Do you have any skills?"

"Not really, just thought it would be a neat way to see the world."

"Oh well then by all means, come by our office tomorrow. Is 1:30 okay?"

"No I've got to work until 2:30."

"Oh okay, um... let me see here... yeah, I can fit you in at 4, would that be enough time for you?"

"Maybe, where's your office located? It didn't really say in the ad."

"No? I thought I had Moreen put that in the ad for me. I'll have to see into that. Okay well we're on ..."

Yeah, it doesn't work like that. What? No I haven't tried looking up "circus troupe" in the phone book. You just be quiet and eat a cookie. Man, some people. Some the time coming to conclusions based on what they read on the internet.

Here's the WOTD:

Vagary - (n) an odd or eccentric idea or action: whim, caprice

Would you like a haiku with that?

Playing at recess
Sky high imaginations
Fog reality.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Celebrating a national holiday on the wrong date.

What if that were something you were to live by? Instead of Christmas in December, have it in August. Instead of Easter in April, have it in November. Thanksgiving in February.

You're still celebrating it, so it's not like you're against it... you just happen to celebrate it on a different day than everyone else. That way you'd be able to take your holidays when everyone is at work and you're at work when everyone else is celebrating, but you've already had your holiday. Plus if your business decides to be close on whatever holiday, well that's just an extra day or two off! I don't know why someone didn't tell this to me sooner. I would have gone back in time and told it to my family so that I wouldn't be the only one celebrating a holiday. Cause then I'd just be weird.


Okay WOTD, show us what's for:

Infotainment - (n) a television program that presents information (as news) in a manner intended to be entertaining


Raspberry freedom
Butterfly liberation
Wonderous planning.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Can you dream you're an inanimate object? I don't think you can because ...well for you to be dreaming you're something that doesn't live, the object would at least be conscious of its surroundings and the people using it.

Maybe you could. Maybe I have a dream that I'm someone's dishwasher. Would I feel them open my door? If I did, would I think about how it felt? Could I feel them loading dishes on my racks and then have to wait around until they ate again and then put more dishes in me, until I was full? Could I act independently? Run when I want to? Open my door if I want to? Or would i have to wait for the actions of a human?

I suppose that if it were my dream, I could perhaps control it... or maybe the moment I attempt an independent act, I would wake up. I don't know if you'd wake up simply because you tried to behave in a way not attributed to dishwashers. I think you'd wake up simply because your mind might not be able to accept the fact that you are now a dishwasher.

You know, I bet I could make a really interesting book, simply by writing about how it is to be various household appliances. Each chapter could be a different appliance. And I could make multiple books on multiple subjects: household appliances, construction equipment, clothing, vehicles, accessories, plants, computers... Man, the list could really go on!

Ooo, books! Better yet, books from the library. And the final chapter in my book about being a book is being the book itself. That's a sweet idea and I put copy rights on it. Double stampies to infinitum! ...Oh, I thought infinitum was a word but apparently it's not. I'll just have to stick to infinitude.

I don't know which book I'd make first though... I guess I'll just have to flip a coin or play Rock Paper Scissors... against myself.

And here's the WOTD:

Foehn - (n) a warm dry wind blowing down a mountainside

Today's haiku:

Small revolution
Protesting captivity
Stand against the Man.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was pretty sure I had posted that video yesterday, and not Thursday. Hadn't I posted yesterday? Yeah I did, right before I took off for work. No? They sure seem to follow the days correctly, only I was pretty sure I had posted yesterday.

Man, I hate that feeling, that you're certain you've done something or finished something, only it wasn't done or it wasn't finished. It's like getting a dream that you thought you were doing something, but you just woke up so you couldn't have been building a tree house with the neighbors, or finding a lot of money under some books, or killing Ronald McDonald. Oh uh... skip that last one, I never did. Although with him not in the commercials anymore...

I especially don't like the dreams where I come into a lot of money because then... well I don't have that money anymore and I can't finally buy a house or a car or a new sister. Or those dreams where you're out fishing and you come across this terrorist hideout and you call the police and become a hero.


If only some dreams could come true, or at least that you could continue some dreams in later nights. I think that would be fun, storing up dreams and having them when you thought about them. I mean that, once you're all ready to sleep, you just think of the dream you want to have and you carry on from where you left off, or you can have the whole thing over again. That would be sweet. I'd choose the dream where I learn that I can fly.

If only there was a WOTD here with me, to take my mind off how- oh look! Here's one now:

Footwork - (n) the management of the feet (as in boxing)

And what's more, here's a haiku:

Warm afternoon sun
Comfort while reading my book
Cold glass of iced tea.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ever notice when someone is trying to sell you something on the phone, they don't really seem to listen?
"No, I don't want any..."

"I understand that but with this offer..." And the continue to try and sell you the product. If it was face to face, that would probably be a different story. I suppose though it depends on if they were to come to your house or if you were at the store.

The matter still lies, I don't like the fact that there are jobs out there, and I do appreciate it that they are jobs, it's just that I don't like that those jobs exist. Someone out in the world came up with the idea of door-to-door sales, and someone else gave the go-ahead. People take those jobs because it's different or they just need a job for a short while to tide them over, either way they're taking the job and thus making more jobs because more people see that it works or is a good idea or they've run out of way to make people miserable so they put up a door-to-door business (which has since died and turned into a phone... to phone business) to keep themselves occupied.

Notice that it is never a product or "opportunity" that you can always just get somewhere else. But no, this is a unique "opportunity" or product, they try and sell you on the fact that since they're phoning you up, it's not just something you can go to the store and buy or go to your hospital and sign up for, or wherever may have you and what may have you, this is only if you take part in this phone-to-phone business.


And they always pronounce my last name wrong! Man!

"Yeah but it's not spelled like the city and I'm a dork". At least they get one part of that right! Okay, the last name part might be just me and yeah I've heard it more than that and probably some of you got it wrong the first time, but I gots to lash out at someone and it might as well be the phone-'em-up people.

Okay, time for a happy WOTD:

Newel - (n) a post about which the steps of a circular staircase wind; also: a post at the foot of a stairway or one at a landing


Leafy rooftop hut
In shelter of trees near beach
Five inhabitants.


The limit.

I don't like that feeling that you're about to achieve a personal best, whether it be in sports, academics, um... contests, or video games or records of any other kind, but you know you can't make it. It's right there and maybe if you hadn't slept the wrong way last night or the night before, dang it you'd be right up there!

But then, you reach your limit. Sigh. Either time runs out, your breath runs out, or like... they run out of pies but you're two away from your best. That's just the kick in the pants you thought you were going to avoid and then finally you'd get to claim things you couldn't before. But nope, they didn't make those two extra pies, or um... you're not Superman and you can't turn back the clock... actually, do you think Superman has any personal bests? I guess he does, but it would be hard for him to really... get past them? I don't know, can you become more than super? I suppose there are words out there that would qualify as higher up the ladder than super, but he couldn't just change his name to Awesomeman, or like... Reallysuperman. And we all know Stupendous Man is taken.

Anyway, it's not like you can really go through all Freecell games anyway. Without losing that is.


You know, I'm not sure the sky is the limit. I know there's space and everything like that, but without leaving the planet... I kinda think that once you leave land, you run into limitations. Even before you leave land. So it should really be "The sky's a possibility" or like, "The sky's not out of the question".

You heard me. Man, everything sucks when you're gone.

WOTD time:

Dandy - (n) 1. a man unduly attentive to personal appearance 2. something excellent in its class

Also, quite a fun word to say. P.s. The picture's title is Redneck Fire Alarm.

You know what else is fun to say? This haiku:

Rolling down a hill not long
Three leaf clover patch.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Acid snowflakes?
Anyone? Okay, so we have acid rain which is fine and all, but what about snowflakey acid? Is there something in the clouds that just wouldn't allow for that, or is it that where they get acid rain they just don't get snow?

But then, if it was in the clouds that made the acid ...basify? then how's the rain come acidy? Or even let's say acid sleet or hail? There's more water in sleet, so if anything it should be in that... and if snow is too small, well hail is bigger and-

I guess some of this or most of this would get solved by looking it up, but who does that anymore? Puttin' in links and all... kids! Nothing but time to waste and sugar to eat. And get off my lawn you hip-hoppin' punks! Think you're all rhythmical and astute! Back in my day...

Presenting, the WOTD:

Dressage - (n) the execution by a trained horse of complex movements in response to barely perceptible signals from its rider.

Next up, it's haiku:

Stopping halfway down
Not quite in her memory
Sitting down to think.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



The concept of "fun" or perhaps rather, the experience of "fun" is constantly changing, developing and evolving. What you thought of as fun when you were 3, no longer is enough. The same thing could be said of humor (...although you might not think it based on some of the movies people go to see). But fun, maybe as a youngin' you thought sitting in the sand was fun. You might not even had a toy to play with in the sand, you just sat there and enjoyed yourself.

Now you're 7 and you think playing with your friends are fun. Toys are always fun, their form is all that changes. But now you're a little older and playing with your toys by yourself is not as fun as playing with someone else, and perhaps someone else's toys.

Now you're 12 and you don't really play with toys, perhaps you've come to appreciate bike rides or fishing or video games or making forts with no help from your parents (of course). You might not necessarily have to be with your friends, but you'd much rather be.

Now you're 16 and you're too cool for stuff (except maybe video games) and your idea of fun is just hanging out with your friends. Doesn't really matter where you are, just so long as there aren't any parents around to bother you and take away from your fun. Just as long as you're momentarily free from responsibility. Breath in that bit of freedom.

Now you're moving out of home and this is your very last day to have fun. You wish you could go back in time and have more of it, to make every single moment count and squeeze every ounce of fun you can out of life. But you can't and it's too late for "what-ifs, should-haves and hot-damns". What do you do now? Work.

And now you're retired and finally don't have to work. You get to have fun again! Ah, that 5 o'clock in the morning air sure feels good. Time to wait for the newspaper to arrive and start up that first cup 0'joe. What's first today? Golf? Yes, and then soup and sandwiches and then a nap and then lawn bowling and then tea and then watch a game show and then supper and then time for bed at 9pm sharp.

Now you're dead and the fun either has just begun or ended abruptly and you're wishing for those years of babies screaming and kids running around and- maybe not. But at least you got to have fun and was also able to read this blog. But you're dead so enough already.

WOTD? Yes, thanks:

Grenadier - (n) a member of a European regiment formerly armed with grenades

So do you become a Grenadier once you've thrown all your grenades? Are you a Grenadee while you still have them?

Here's your haiku:

Ruby shining bright
Luring those who stray too far
To its icy warmth.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Updates. If an update says it may take a few minutes, that's like a doctor saying you may feel a little pressure. Or if there is downpour rain outside, your friend saying you might get a little wet. Man, if there's one thing I don't like, it's understatements or underestimations.

Okay so this is short because updating quicktime took too long.


He-Man - (n) a strong virile man


Flight of the pigeon
Straight over the trees in park
Right into window.


The Little Black Rose

(Little Black Rose, and Silk of the Kine are mystical names for Ireland)

The Little Black Rose shall be red at last;

What made it black but the March wind dry,

And the tear of the widow that fell on it fast?

It shall redden the hills when June is nigh.

The Silk of the Kine shall rest at last;

What drove her forth but the dragon-fly?

In the golden vale she shall feed full fast,

With her mild gold horn and slow, dark eye.

The wounded wood-dove lies dead at last!

The pine long bleeding, it shall not die!

This song is secret. Mine ear it passed

In a wind o'er the plains at Athenry.

Denis Florence MacCarthy (1817 - 1882)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Not talking about something in the hopes that it will not come to pass.

If there is a superstition out there that I abide by, this could be it. But maybe it should be the opposite, or um... if I talk about it and embrace it, then it might take longer to come around or it might not come at all. But if all I'm doing is delaying the inevitable, is it worth it to talk about it so that when it comes around I'm already prepared for it?

I just don't like the mind games that come along with thinking about or not thinking about something. Like saying "it can't get any worse". Does it already become worse just because you're thinking that it can't, or does it actually become worse once you speak that phrase, or it's only worse because you put yourself in that state of mind? Or like "at least it's not..." and then it does. So then is it best to train yourself not to think that way? Maybe you should just try to be thankful moment by moment so that your day will be a little more joyful.

Maybe that's what it is, your state of mind. If you walk around thinking it's only going to get worse, then you have a bad day. But if you think about the things you have to be thankful for, when something bad happens it's not that bad because... you're in a good state of mind?

All of this and I still don't want to say what I was going to start this blog with, because at the mere mention of it... well I don't know but I just don't want it to happen soon.


Okay, here's the WOTD:

Bilious - (adj) 1. marked by or suffering from disordered liver function 2. irritable, ill-tempered


Picking raspberries
Place in straw-woven basket
Prepare the pie crust.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The beach. It's where less clothing is not only acceptable but pretty much mandatory. It's a place where getting wet and dirty (or at least sandy) is fun. There are a wide variety of outfits one could wear, or in the right country, one could go nude. I suppose if one is going to get wet, one would rather wear clothing that is comfortable when wet; the beach is really one of the few places in life where one willingly strips down to the equivalent of underwear and struts around in front of people, even people one might not do so with otherwise.

Think about it, you wouldn't go in your underwear in front of your parents, and vise versa. There might be friends of yours that you'd never let them catch you in your underwear, but you might not even think much about it if they saw you at the beach. You might be self-conscious about how skimpy your swimwear is, but it wouldn't bother you as much as it would if they saw you in skimpy underwear.

The point is; it seems to me that there lies inside of people (n0t all mind you but a good sized percentage) the need or desire to undress and get wet. Or maybe you're not one for getting wet and it's the suntan you're looking for. Either way, you've got that same sort of desire within you. Humanity has even gone so far as to create "the pool". This is for people in the city, or perhaps the nearest lake is not so nice, and so they make this "the pool" so that they can continue on with their stripping and getting wet needs. Others invented the "tan bed place" so they could satisfy their stripping and tanning needs. Well... I suppose you'd really have to strip down if you wanted a tan. Doesn't work too well with clothing. But still, the need is there and is being met artificially.

Me? Not really. I used to be into swimming and the beach, and sometimes I get that bit of a craving, but most often I ignore it. I really only get that desire if I'm somewhere close to a lake. Most likely though, that desire can easily be satisfied by canoeing or just walking around on the beach. And the only tan I get is called a "farmer's tan".

I'll just stick to hiking and biking and not stripping down and getting wet. Probably.

Here's the moment you've all been waiting for! It's the WOTD:

Panegyric - (n) a eulogistic oration or writing

Today also brings us a new haiku:

Bird pecking at ground
Finding seeds also berries
Gravel in the mix.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Unspoken rules in friendship. (not in any order except what comes to mind)

1. Don't use a friend's washroom until you really have to

2. Always ask to have something from the fridge

3. Keep in your gas or excuse yourself to the washroom (unless it's just the guys or girls ...but even then...)

4. Wearing the same clothes day after day is acceptable when camping only, or laundry day

5. Offer to share

6. Laugh, whether just being polite or in sincerity, at their jokes

7. Be forgiving in the little things and take revenge at even smaller things; never hold a grudge

8. Let lunch/coffee/a movie/etc... be 'on you' every once in a while

9. Never pass up a good burn (especially if they walk right into it)

10. Always offer praise for a job well done; share in the victories (the reverse is also true: help them reach a victory whenever possible)

Okay, on to the WOTD:

Acanthus - (n) 1. any of a genus of prickly herbs of the Mediterranean region 2. an ornamentation (as on a column) representing the leaves of the acanthus

And now for today's haiku:

Sweet honey dripping
Bringing him to contentment
Resting in the shade.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thieves. No, nothing was stolen from me, and I haven't become a thief... this is just because of the lengths some people will go to because of thieves.

Car alarms, steering wheel arm lock thingies, Beware Of Dog signs, getting a dog (yappy or big and mean), motion sensor lights, security system signs, security systems, locks, double locks, keypad locks, keypad locks with key locks, security cameras, security cameras that work...

I say most of it is all hooey and we just shouldn't bother. What? Dave, are you seriously considering what I think you're considering?

Yeah I am, have a problem with that?

I just think it's a little absurd and or futile.

Futile! What? Your face is futile! ...What, no come back? Yeah, that's what I thought. Man, you momma is so absurd and futile, she thought um... she'd dispute the title of Burger King. Cause she'd eat a lot of burgers... so she'd be the king ..er, queen. I guess that's more of a fat joke. A bad fat joke.

What was your idea anyway?

I thought you knew what I was thinking.

Oi! Let's get on with it, eh? Enough of these shenanigans. Get back to work you!

Yes sir, sorry sir. Won't happen again sir.

I'd better not or else!

As I was trying to say, I think we should all just ...well I guess in the long run it would be futile so... forget it. Sorry everybody, just thought I was onto something. Sorry.

What?! You can't just back out now, you've drug us out this far, you might as well bring it full circle mate!

No, I don't think I should at this point.

Look, just because someone who was somehow reading your mind, said your idea was futile, doesn't mean you get to leave the rest of us out of the loop, just cause you agree with them now. I didn't stop watching me stories just so you could back out of an idea. Now you get on with it and I won't have to regret leaving me shows.

Yeah but what if, after hearing me -er, my idea, you think it's futile and then you'd feel worse about leaving your stories.

Now listen here mate! Backing out might be the way you do things in America, but here in ol'foreigns you finish your thoughts or you don't start them at all.

No, I'm just going to go ahead with the WOTD.

You bloody- I've got half a mind-

Yeah you do!

Oi! That was uncalled for and-

You walked right into it! Look, you might leave those sort of things alone in ol'foreigns, but here in America we slam someone when we get the chance. Now if you don't mind already-

Just get on with it!

Okay, today's WOTD is:

Wobble - (vb) 1. to move or cause to move with an irregular rocking or side-to-side motion 2. tremble, quaver 3. waver, vacillate

Man, I wonder what 'vacillate' means. Okay, onto the haiku of today:

Live and in concert
Rockin' out for all their fans
Jump and sing along.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Movie endings. Yeah I said it!

One of the most important elements in a movie, or any story really, is that it's gotta have a fitting ending. I'd say "good" but then that assumes "happy" or "funny" or some other "good" feeling word. I say fitting because not all endings are happy, some are sad but a sad ending can be what needs to take place, so I say fitting.

A movie can be good through-out, but if it ends in a poor way, that ruins a lot of what was accomplished. Unless a poor ending is the desired outcome from the writer, this should never happen. Plus, who'd want their story to end poorly? That would only dissuade the audience from giving their attention to any other piece of work a writer may produce.

As it is, I can't think of a movie with a poor ending at the moment. I can think of poor movies, but not ...well I suppose if a movie was poor through-out, it gives to reason the ending was poor, but I don't think that's what I meant. I mean that the ending takes away from the story. If the whole story is bad, it's hard to take away from it, unless of course the ending was even worse. Either way I can't name one right now. There may be movies that I wish ended differently but does that mean a poor ending?

Hail to the king baby!

Oh what? That was just Showbread. I'm listening to songs in alphabetical order of title and the next 10 songs have "dead" or "death" in the beginning of their name. What? I like sunshine, lollipops, and kittens as much as the next person but life isn't always about those things. Just in case you're wondering ...oh, so only one song starts with the word "life" but uh... 4 songs start with "love" and 5 songs start with "good". So there. That's 10 songs for good and 10 for bad. I wonder what would be in between?

Today's WOTD:

Immigrant - (n) 1. a person who immigrates 2. a plant or animal that becomes established where it did not previously occur

Um... why doesn't the second definition apply or hold to the person bit? "a person who immigrates" That's stupid. Might as well have "a plant or animal that immigrates" Lousy dictionary.


Tide ebbing away
Slowly erosion takes place
Trees slanting downward.

Monday, September 8, 2008


French fries. How long are they going to stay straight? But Dave, haven't you heard of curly fries? Sure I've heard of curly fries, I've had curly fries many a time but they're not as prevalent as they could be. Arby's has them, but they're the only ones. You can buy them at the store, but how often do you. The point is, fries are just too straight.

Dave, is that really what's bothering you, fries?

No... I guess it isn't. You could always see right through me; you know when something else is on my mind. I'll tell you what it is: soda pop is too much of a staple item in America.

I went to KFC the other day cause I had some coupons. I had a Twister Combo, which (of course) comes with fries and a pop. I don't know if I could have exchanged pop for some other drink, it didn't occur to me at the time, but I just felt like I had no choice but to drink pop. I didn't really even want to have pop, I was hoping for something else, but I acted out my part of Citizen and went along with whatever came my way.

I also wanted a different sauce on my wrap but they didn't have any other besides the original. Why would one location have more sauces than another? I worked fast food for a year and I never heard an explanation for why each location gets different stuff. Or rather, that not every location gets the same thing. Isn't that the point of a chain restaurant, that everything's the same?

You might say, well I'd like a little variety in my locations. If I want something different, I'll go to another location. Yeah but what about when you want this specific item and the location closest to you doesn't have it, but you didn't know that at the time? Now you've got to ...

You know, this is sounding pretty Western Civilization right now, so on to the WOTD:

Unconscionable - (adj) 1. not guided or controlled by conscience 2. not in accordance with what is right or just syn unreasonable, undue, unjustifiable, unwarrantable, unwarranted

Today's haiku:

Scarlett ribbon bow
Left on the roadside dying
The dark floods rising.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Vacation. This word often brings a feeling of anticipation along with it. Oh, before I continue I just want to say that I found out what the light in the sky was. It was an airplane. The sun was reflecting off it and I didn't know what it was. For a second I thought of The Truman Show.

Anyway, oh and planes and vacations.

Even if it's a mini vacation, like a weekend off somewhere. Mind you, that's probably what most of us get. Some are lucky and have a week, or some are wealthy and have a month. Not that you couldn't have saved up enough money to take a month off, but that most people don't choose to afford to do so.

The last vacation I was on ...well does going to a wedding count? I don't remember the last time I had a week off- maybe it was Christmas but that seems like a long time ago.

I've never been out of the country for a vacation, I think that is something I would like to do next. Yeah, save up for a long time and take a month off, go to Ireland or somewhere.


Do you think people who plan out a vacation get more out of one rather than people who just wing it? The same could be asked of weddings.

Time for the WOTD:

Palimpsest - (n) writing material (as a parchment) used after the erasure of earlier writing

Today's haiku:

Herd of cows grazing
Don't notice it flying by
Or all its beauty.


Slurpees. Such a magical delight and a gift from the heavens. But that is not the topic for today.

What I'm here to talk about today might blow your minds... well so maybe not, but I'll be you'll be impressed. Okay well maybe not impressed, but you'll like it. And if you don't well read an older post! I bet there are lots you've not read yet. Man! Some people are hard to please.

Okay so maybe if you're more like me, you'll at least like today's topic. I know there are different likes and preferences out there and we don't always match up. Does that mean we can't agree on anything? Don't worry, it doesn't because you know what? It's okay to be different. Like that kid who collects parking passes.

Right well, today's topic came to me when I was just about to fall asleep last night. I thought "Of course! It's so obvious and I can't believe I haven't posted it earlier. Man, why can't these things come up, these obvious things. If something's obvious it should be at the forefront of your mind at all times. But of course, since it is obvious then it begins to be taken for granted, and when something's taken for granted it goes to the back of your mind and eventually the spiderwebs in your mind cover it all up. Until one day when the caretakers of your mind are all like 'Hey, what's this dusty cobby thing over here, this piece of information here. Hey Bill, come look at this thing here.' So Bill comes over and blows the dust off the information and says 'Oh wow, I bet you he forgot about this, let's send it to the front.' And then you remember and you're all like "Oh wow, I forgot about that. I should totally bring it up!"

So today's topic, without further ado, is:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Leprahaun - Robert D. Joyce (1830-1883)

In a shady nook one moonlit night,
A leprahaun I spied
In scarlet coat and cap of green,
A cruiskeen by his side.
'Twas tick, tack, tick, his hammer went,
Upon a weeny shoe,
And I laughed to think of a purse of gold,
But the fairy was laughing too.

With tip-toe step and beating heart,
Quite softly I drew nigh.
There was mischief in his merry face,
A twinkle in his eye;
He hammered and sang with tiny voice,
And sipped the mountain dew;
Oh! I laughed to think he was caught at last,
But the fairy was laughing, too.

As quick as thought I grasped the elf,
"Your fairy purse," I cried,
"My purse?" said he, " 'tis in her hand,
That lady by your side."
I turned to look, the elf was off,
And what was I to do?
Oh! I laughed to think what a fool I'd been,
And, the fairy was laughing too.

That was today's Irish poem of the day, brought to you by 1000 Years of Irish Poetry.

Today's WOTD:

Chassis - (n) the supporting frame of a structure (as an automobile or television set)

Today's haiku is for all you hosers out there:

Gumdrops pouring down
Filling a shoe to the brim
Ate every last one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Clouds. There may be times when you wish not to see one, but then there are other times when you're glad you do. They can make or break a day, whether it be a picnic or a really hot day. They make both a sunrise and sunset more beautiful, or they can ruin a day by taking up the whole sky.

We like to make shapes out of them as kids (or still do) and enjoy seeing them go away as adults. We like them when they're white and fluffy, not when they're grey and flat. We know about how they form and wonder how long of a journey they make in their life time.

I don't often take the time to think about clouds, except when I feel they'll bring rain or snow, but I don't take enough time to enjoy their beauty. Sometimes I feel that a clear blue sky is best, but then there's no distraction by that one lone cloud in the sky, or that scattering of clouds as they pass on by on a windy day.

So what's all this about clouds? Well how about you just think about that the next time you try to look up at the stars ...but oh wait! They're covered by the clouds! Jerk!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that honey. C'mon baby, don't look at me like that. You know how I get when I talk about the simpler things in life.

Well, I guess that's that. Here's the WOTD:

Vaudeville - (n) a stage entertainment consisting of unrelated acts (as of acrobats, comedians, dancers, or singers)

Also known as Wednesday night at Steve's place.

Today's haiku is:

Flower petal falls
Little ants take it away
A gift for their Queen.

Monday, September 1, 2008


What started as a bubble, turned quickly to trouble and omniscience stirred in the wind. From under the service rose not a tortoise but a sting ray with death in its eye.

- An ode to Steve Erwin.

So then, life can be short and there's not a thing you can know about what the future holds. But what about the old person who has done everything wrong in life: smoking, drinking, drugs, dangerous living, and yet lives to be 98 or somewhere close to that. Then, live life to its fullest and don't hesitate in taking risks. You never know what life might bring so live it to its potential. But then if you don't know what's around the corner, you should take caution. Take your time through life and enjoy the small things, relax and appreciate what's in front of you.

Can one take a bit off both columns? If you do a little both, maybe you'll live to about 75 rather than 50 and yet not yet make it to 98. Should one even bother with the thoughts of death? Let's not think about the future but rather live for today. But without careful planning for the future you'll end up broke by the age of 50. You must plan ahead, that is why we get education. One must take care to get a proper education so that one may enter into a prosperous career. One needs a prosperous career in order to save up enough money so that one might enjoy a retirement and not work until one cannot work anymore.


Seems like there are many things one needs to do in order to live out a successful life. I say it's all too complicated and I'm just going to live out life as it comes to me. Foolish? Well fine, I'll do a little bit of planning, but not too far in the future.

Let me start with tomorrow's lunch. I'ma have left over pizza.

Okay so that's a good start, I'm done.

Good evening folks, and welcome to today's WOTD:

Animadvert - (vb) to remark critically: express censure

Haiku? Okay!

Lost in a small box
The only piece of its kind
Perfect fishing lure.