Sunday, July 5, 2009

Season Two Episode Eighteen

Let me bring y'all back to a simpler time and strawberry pie, cotton pajamas that covered you from head to toe with a flap for your fanny, to a time when it was called your "fanny", to when all there was to a fishing rod was a stick, a string and a hook, to a life filled with days matching those of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

"What?! The book deal fell through!?! Fine, that's it! I'm outta here!."

And that's the last anyone ever heard of Old Man Sedgwinn. As for me, I'm still serving ice cream down at the stand half a block from the beach, across from Macey's. Stop buy and I'll tell you a story about how Bary and Tom solved the mystery of the rented Honda.

Broken into space
Past the atmosphere of Earth
Shuttle seven to Mars.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Season Two Episode Seventeen

I went for a bit of an excursion this evening, I took my bicycle out to see where the road ended. It was an interesting venture as I had not done so before, and now that I know where it goes.. will I embark upon it once again? That is quite possible, as I very much enjoyed the views, the air, the sounds, and the over-all journey. Would I suggest it to others, for their own pleasure in it? Perhaps not as it was quite secluded and peaceful and were it to become frequented by many travelers, it may not be so for much longer. That is not necessarily the case, as there are many places in this city (and outside of it) that are welcome to bicyclists.

At more than one point in my journey, I found myself wondering how long ago I had reached city limits, or if I had even yet to reach them. No matter where I was finding myself, a little while into my journey I came across a rabbit. I did not see it for long, as it was quite insistent on its escape, but I did manage to get a good look at it. Not long after seeing the rabbit I saw a doe. She had heard the sounds of my bicycle and leapt from her place in the bushes that lay along the road. At this, I stopped my bicycle and watched her as she made her way further into the field by bounds and leaps. As I was on the top of a hill at this point, I got my bicycle going down hill, I peddled with all I could to get as much speed as possible. It was quite exhilarating to reach the extent of my speeding abilities and when my speed came to a climax I stopped peddling and coasted for as long as my speed and the road would carry me.

There had been houses scattered here and there along the road, which seemed to go on for miles, but alas, I finally came to the end of it. There was no left or right, only grass and fence and field. The only choice now was to turn around and go back home, so that is what I did. If there is a next time for this, I shall have to remember to bring along my camera, as the sights are quite nice, for that part of town. Now I will bid you adieu and good night.

Creating fortune
Two halves coming together
Beauty in itself.