Thursday, October 30, 2008

Onehundred Twentytwo

Hey, you know what I never questioned before? Game shows.

Back in the day there was stuff about scams and that the winner of the game was secretly decided before hand... and I don't know how much of that kind of thing still prevails but my point is this: game shows have become things we have taken for granted. Or at least that's what I'd say for myself.

Questions I should be asking are:

Why do game shows exist in the first place?

Besides running commercials, how do the game shows make money?

Is there a secret game show tax we're paying?

Are game shows just another form of the lottery?

Why is it that a show like Wheel of Fortune is making more excuses to give away more money?

Are game shows the government's way of saying "Hey, look over there!" Or "What's that behind you?!"

There must be some kind of good business going on for game shows because there are so many of them, and not just in the U.S. If this is true, I want to learn the secret of the game show because I don't think it'd be all that hard to come up with an idea for one. I suppose the trick is making it popular. There have been quite a few game shows that don't seem to be popular and ...well I would like to ask: since when is getting free money not popular? I know, I know... we're all media whores and we want good entertainment for our couch potato butts and we couldn't stand to watch people other than ourselves win money on a game show that isn't to our taste.

Well la-de-da, aren't our pallets particular. Here's one for you, it's called: I'll watch the most boring game show out there, for as long as it runs, if you'll just please take away reality tv shows.

And another thing, here's the WOTD:

Accompaniment - (n) something that accompanies another; esp: subordinate music to support a principal voice or instrument

Don't you just love it when they use the word in the definition? Yeah... and here's something you also love:


Littlest hobo
Arrive just in nick of time
Save the day and leave.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Onehundred Twentyone

The phrase: "The greatest of all time" and those like it.

I think whoever coined that... we'll call it an expression, really should have said "The greatest in my life up to this moment" or like... "The greatest in my life that I can remember up until this moment and maybe for a few more years or until they invent flying cars or something equally as awesome".

Really, we live on a moment by moment basis and ...especially for movie reviews (ugh, don't get me started on movie revi- oh! too late)

Okay, about movie reviews. I realise you want to get some good word about your movie out there and so you get some schmuck -pay some schmuck to say your movie is really great, but does it really have to get to the point where you say it is the greatest of all time? Some say of the year and even that is pushing it because you don't know what else is coming out that year and also not everyone will agree with you.

I prefer reviews that say: "Made me laugh until I cried and spilled pop on the girl sitting next to me and I magically got her number, most likely because this movie is just so darned funny!" Or like... "This movie inspired me!" With those reviews, we can at least look back on what that person has reviewed in the past, see how they felt about those movies, and then base our judgement on whether or not we agree with them.

I also don't like reviews that say: "Greatest drama since ..." because that's assuming everyone likes that movie and if you didn't like that movie, then what's to have you watch this other movie? Yeah... where was I when this started?

Oh right, people feeling the need to say something is the greatest. You could say and should say and would be proper to say that something is really great, but not to say the greatest because something can always come along and surpass it, and then you're saying that item is the greatest... and it all leads back to marketing and I probably don't like marketing at all yet fall for it every now and then because it works more often than not and I'm a susceptible human being.


Here's the greatest WOTD of the day:

Umiak - (n) an open Eskimo boat made of a wooden frame covered with skins


Sailing across
Open waters lay ahead
Reaching their goal.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Onehundred Twenty

Rockin' out.

It has been something man was meant to do since the dawn of time. Before rock and roll was made however, what was it that took place of the rocking out? I suppose it was just energy not used, hence the reason for um... probably something useless or now obsolete because it was not what the force of rocking out intended.

Why is rocking out so important? Well let me tell you, it's very important if you consider all the consequences. I mean... you could take a chance and see what not rocking out does to someone who's all the time rocking out, but I wouldn't suggest that unless you're an adrenaline junkie.

What's that you say? What if you have never rocked out in your life, or hardly ever? Is there something wrong with you? Yes. Yes there is and there's no if's and's or but's about it. You're denying a part of your brain to develop and causing it to die. Remember that time something bad happened to you? That's because you haven't been rocking out enough.

Do you have to listen to rock music to rock out? Rock is not the only type of music that allows for the rocking out, but it is the main genre. Other genre's that allow for the rocking out are: punk, metal, alternative, ska, hard rock, probably some kinds of techno, and also maybe some kinds of hip-hop.

How often do I rock out? Well there's truly rocking out where you're right at the heart of rocking out, and there's rocking out while doing some kind of task, so that form of rocking out is more in your head whereas the former rocking out involves your whole being. To answer the question, I rock out every day. The real question is how often do I truly rock out. Uh... not as often as I'd like.

So remember kids: rock, rock out!


Middling - (adj) 1. of middle, medium, or moderate size, degree, or quality 2. mediocre


Made up in your head
Red balloon floating over
Don't ever let go.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Onehundred Nineteen


Whether for business or pleasure or family, everyone has done so at least once in their life. Some like to travel, others don't. Some have done it far too often that they've become indifferent to it.

Many dream of traveling to far off countries, or even just to explore their own in greater detail. I think that with the invention of the transporter, people have unfairly called it a abomination.

They were created to get from one place to another in an instant but there's so many people complaining about how transporting cuts out the scenery and the visits to small towns... Well the small town thing I can understand because they're too poor to get transporters and the lack of people out on the road means less business in small towns which means people have to move to the city to get a job. As for cutting out the scenery, that's why there are various organizations getting together to put transporters out at viewpoints, just like an information point.

The biggest help transporters have offered is cutting down on emissions, and that's saving the environment. With fewer cars and buses and planes out and about, that's cut emissions in half, if not more. And with companies investing in industrial sized transporters that means semi-trucks will be off the road and that's cutting down emissions even further.

So what's more important? Saving the environment or keeping small towns alive? Many people would say saving small towns, and I think I can mostly agree. I think that transporters should not be limited to the big cities, spread the wealth to the little guys! You think it would be too expensive to have at least one transporter in every town? Think of all the money saved on gas, let alone the cost for building commercial planes, trains and automobiles.


Contrail - (n) a streak of condensed water vapor created by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes


Like swimming circles
So are the days of our lives
All wet and dizzy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Onehundred Eighteen

I don't know what you think of him, nor do I really care if you're opposed to him. All that really matters for me when watching a hockey game is that I get to watch Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada, because that means Don Cherry (and also Ron MacLean).

Hockey fan? Doesn't matter... well not overly because I'm not all that much of a hockey fan. I grew up with it because of my dad but I don't need to watch a hockey game for my life to continue. If hockey's what people are watching, okay I'm in, but the point is this: the highlight of a hockey game is getting to listen to Don Cherry.

Why? It just feels more Canadian. In fact, I'd say this my whole blog, not just this post but my blog site, is that much more Canadian now that I've linked you to Hockey Night in Canada and talked about Don Cherry (and Ron MacLean).

Also, I love Don's enthusiasm for the game, but that he likes a good clean game, with a bit of dirt because he would say a little bit is just part of hockey. I've always respected what Don has to say, and thirdly I like him because he reminds me of my Aunt Jean. Well she's not really my aunt but a good friend of my grandma and well... I've just always called her "aunt". The point is that I really respect her and enjoy talking with her, and if I knew a thing about hockey, I'm pretty sure I'd have a good time talking to Don Cherry.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say about that.

Here's your WOTD:

Wind sock - (n) an open-ended truncated cloth cone mounted in an elevated position to indicate wind direction


Red flower blooming
Opening unto world
A touch of beauty.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Onehundred Seventeen

The Bubble

See, the pretty Planet!

Floating sphere!

Faintest breeze will fan it

Far or near;

World as light as feather;

Moonshine rays,

Rainbow tints together,

As it plays;

Drooping, sinking, failing,

Nigh to earth,

Mounting, whirling, sailing,

Full of mirth;

Life there, welling, flowing,

Waving round;

Pictures coming, going,

Without sound.

Quick now, be this airy

Globe repelled!

Never can the fairy

Star be held.

Touched- it in a twinkle


Leaving but a sprinkle,
As of tears.
By William Allingham (1824-1889)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Onehundred Sixteen

Acting pretendous.

We've all done it once or twice, some of us in a day, but at one point or another in your life you have probably pretended in a serious situation.

What I'm talking about is that ...maybe someone's talking about something you know nothing about but you pretend that you do because you want to be able to relate to them. Or maybe no one knows anything about something so you pretend that you do and precede to talk about it as though it's been ingrained in you all your life, as if it's just another pair of socks out of the dryer. Or maybe you pretend you know how to do a job but really you don't and you really should have left that open heart surgery to the professionals. That reminds me of Catch Me If You Can. That was a great movie.

So the point of this is: where do you draw the line of when pretending becomes lying, or is pretending nothing but lies? I know that we associate pretending with kids and since kids are innocent, up to a point, pretending is innocent as well. Or you could call it "playing make believe" if pretending sounds too pretentious. Oh the ethics of small things.

Is pretending just another way of making small white lies? "But it's all just harmless fun, what's the big ta'do?"

"Oh sure, it's all harmless fun until someone pays you to pretend you're Grandma." Then what are you going to do? Say you're just pretending? I don't think so pal, you're stuck making cookies and pies and going to bingo and playing bridge. Don't forget to take your medicine and watch Wheel of Fortune at way too loud!

Yeah that's right, I went there.


Acanthus - (n) 1. any of a genus of prickly herbs of the Mediterraneean region 2. an ornamentation (as on a column) representing the leaves of the acanthus


Try not to forget
Images from dream slipping
Write it down quickly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Onehundred Fifteen

Okay so I just saw Eagle Eye and it confirms everything I said in my previous posting, and you can trust everything you see in movies, ri-

Monday, October 20, 2008

Onehundred Fourteen

Why don't we listen the the Matrix and become less dependant on computers?

Probably not just the Matrix, but the point is that life as we know it in North America and parts of Europe, is being run by computers. We mostly don't notice until something doesn't work properly, and then we make a big fuss about it, until the problem is solved. Then we forget about it or it stays in our minds as "Don't go back to this place because they had that problem that one time, go to the other place".

Yeah. Real mature Bradly.

I uh... don't know where that came from.

But let's face the facts. You're reading this so that means in some way your communication is partly dependant upon the computer. We don't write letters anymore, we write e-mails. We don't write out our essays, we use computers and the thing about that is this: it's a good thing we don't hand write our papers because our writing is atrocious. Does anyone practice hand writing anymore? I don't think I know how to write out some of the capital letters anymore, do you remember them all? Were you even taught hand writing in school? Probably at an early age, or at least I was, but I didn't keep it up past grade 5.

It's the road to mass communication and a work-load done faster, but is it the road to success? Well tell that to the world of tomorrow! It's too late for them, isn't it!?

Oh uh... because the computers turned evil and took over the world.

And now it's too late!

Or rather, it's not too late but tell that to Neo!


Adduce - (vb) to offer as argument, reason, or proof - sny: advance, allege, cite, submit


Red rose of the spring
Passing you to my girlfriend
You fall to the ground.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Onehundred Thirteen

Unused great ideas.

There are many times that I'll come up with a good idea for a movie or a concert or a series of books and I wish there was something I could do about those ideas. But since I don't have much money (enough to finance any of that...) or that I'm not musically talented or connected, these dreams/ideas just up and die.

You know what? I wish there was a way you could store your ideas, or that I had a better memory so that I could write them down once I am able. No wait, I wish you could come up with an idea and then ...well I wish there were boxes of some kind that you could put your ideas in, like, a box for every organization or business. You could put your ideas in the box and that way if someone is started up a business or career or organization but they need a good idea, of if someone needed a good idea for their business, they could look in the box and sort through the ideas until they find one that suites them best.

Yeah, that's what I wish. Sigh. And maybe you could make a bit of profit for every good idea of yours that someone uses. Or maybe your name would be attached to your idea and if the person who takes it decides to hear out more of your opinions, they could involve you in their business.


Telemetry - (n) the transmission esp. by radio of measurements made by automatic instruments to a distant station.

Uh... okay.


Bowl of fruit painting
Looked upon by many kids
Said to be soothing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Onehundred Twelve


It is something that can move a person to either riot or tears. It can make us laugh or it can provoke serious thought. It can make the good times and get us through the hard times. It can do everything in between, and I ask you: is it worth taking the chance?

Am I talking about taking a chance in having our emotions and thoughts and um... other, being driven by someone else's point of view? Or am I talking about how the economic and business end of the music industry can twist and turn us so that we fall for empty thoughtless music just because it's mainstream and you gotta go mainstream or else you're a total nobody? Or maybe I'm talking about taking a chance financially... a financial risk in buying an album or two and then more because you've become addicted?

Actually I just wrote it up because of a song. What I mean to be getting at is that some where along the line of history, music became a driving force. Is that because it is a form of media and we just can't help but fall sway to media? Anything medific we automatically fall in line and get hooked and can't let go.

I'll admit it, I'm a medianite. I likes the movies, the musics, the books, and the televisions. They are things that feed my mediacity. Oh and the internets, can't let that one slip by behind the curtain.

Sigh. Is there a solution? Yeah, don't let these things be the meaning of life. Put friends and family before a tv show or a concert or a novel.

I am reminded of a great mind that once said "Acknowledge me, I'm alive". I'd look it up but I'm too busy watching Youtube. It's just too amazing. Probably.


Antithesis - (n) 1. the opposition or contrast of ideas 2. the direct opposite


Ham and cheese sandwich
Nestled in my jeans pocket
A snack for the bus.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Onehundred Eleven


I don't know what mascot was the first mascot, but I bet you it was for sports. If it wasn't for sports then it was for marketing purposes and I don't see how it transitioned into sports from business. I can see two business guys going to a baseball game trying to come up with a new way of attracted business, seeing the mascot and thinking that's a good idea... or maybe the first mascot could have been for a restaurant and the two guys are having a burger so they think it's a good idea.

Also the baseball team goes out to have a burger and um... the pitcher's little brother has been annoying him to let him join the team but he's no good at baseball. The boy's mother keeps pestering the pitcher to let the brother take some kind of position because since father died the boy's really needed someone to look up to and big brother's basically it... so then while the team is at the restaurant, the pitcher thinks up a way for his brother to be in the team but not actually play. That could make some kind of a movie ...proud.

You know, I'ma look it up. Okay well... Wiki only gives the origin for the word and not how it started out to be people dressed up and which was the first. I know I could probably look somewhere other than the ol' Wik. but I just don't feel like it.

I wonder what the mascot for my blog would be. Probably the Hamburglar. Probably.

Here's the WOTD:

Promulgate - (vb) to make known or put into force by open declaration


Eating beautiful
Texture dancing on my tongue
Can't help but smile.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Onehundred Ten

I don't know if I should just keep adding "and" in my titles. What do you the reader think? Tell us and we'll send you a ...piece of ...Lime Trio pie. I uh... I don't know what Lime Trio pie consists of. It's in the mail.

Okay but here's a funny link I'll send your way. I like the titles of the books and the picture made me have laughing.

Onwards good friends, on over to the tree stump! Gather around and Ol' Grandpa Dave will tell you a story! Yay!

Now listen here you youngin's, OGD's got somethin' to tell atchya. We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good. I have ta, celebrate you baby. I have to praise you like I shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul-

Oh, that was a song by what we used to call a "DJ". That stood for "disc jockey" and back in my day they would play what we called "records". Now don't let the title fool you, it wasn't that we was keeping track of anything, it was a round object we used to play music on. Nowadays you got your mp3's and all the music is digital. Well back in my day computers certainly weren't personal, let alone carry around. Couldn't just pick up your fancy iPod, stick in some headphones and let your hippity hop play, you had to go out to what we called a "music store" and pick up these "records". Soon the "record" turned into an "eight track" then a "cassette tape", and later there were "cd's" now, some of your pappies might remember the "cd", which stood for "compact disc".

Where was I? Oh yes, there was this "DJ" named Fatboy Slim, and now this Fatboy Slim, he had these "records" he would play on his "turn table" machine. Then all the kiddies would dance to the music, which came out of these big boxes we call "speakers", much like your headphones but much much bigger. Now Fatboy Slim wasn't the only "DJ" out there, but he sure knew how to pack a house. People liked to shake their booties, that's what we called our behinds back then, and the young hipsters would all get down with it. I'm not quite sure what "it" is, because I was never "down with it". See, back then white people didn't have what was called "soul" and were never good at dancing to the "hippity hop". We just like to dress like we was able and we even listened to that music. Some would call that being a "poser" but we was fine or "down", as the kids said it, with that.

That little diddy I started out with? Well that was one of the songs Fatboy Slim liked to "cover". It was in my head and so I just started typing it out as it went along. I'ma give you the WOTD now:

Bacteriophage - (n) any of various viruses that attack specific bacteria


Loud music pumping
Shaking to the left and right
Chance to do a dance.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Onehundred and Nine

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I don't know what's so appealing about ghosts in general, except they seem to make for a good story. I suppose there's a mystery about them and it's a part of spirituality that most people are curious about, at one stage in their life or another.

They're fairly popular in movies, maybe not so much in stories now, or at least not unless it's a thriller or an actual ghost story.

I'm not really a fan of ghost stories, just because a lot of them are... well at least in movie form, not all that scary and also fairly lame. The one movie I do enjoy though is Ghost Ship. I just finished watching it, and I had seen it before. I wouldn't say it's the best ghost story out there, or even original, but I like it and I'd probably watch it again in a few years. I probably saw it when it first came out, not in theater but on video, which actually is how I saw it today (not dvd). It came out in 2002, so maybe I had seen it on dvd, but maybe not because vhs was still around. Anyway, the point is that I'd rather see that than... Ghost Watcher and also it's been 6 years since I last saw it, so that's probably how long until I'll get the urge to watch it.

Not to say that I don't like thrillers, just that I don't often get watching ghost stories, however I do enjoy Ghost Whisperer every now and then. Hmmm. Maybe it's that I don't like the horror ghost stories because they're just after a cheep scare, the kind where they flash something on the screen and it makes you jump but doesn't actually scare you.

Actually I think I just like ghost stories if there's mystery in them and they're not a cheesy horror. Ohhhh. That's what it is, I like ghost mystery stories.

Okay, here's the WOTD:

Disinter - (vb) 1. to take from the grave or tomb 2. unearth


Uneasy feeling
Something strange in neighborhood
Who you gonna call?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Onehundred and Eight

The inevitable.

Something that is going to happen whether you want it to or not and there's not a darn thing you can do about it, probably. So then if something is going to happen anyways, I might as well accept it and embrace it like a manly man.

Yes, I'm a macho man. I'm also talking about snow. Ugh and shudder and filth, but I'm sad to say that the warm weather is gone, at least until January or February.


I think that October and November are the coldest months, especially October and only because the cold comes rudely, so it seems especially cold. Just last week or so we had fair weather and the week before that was nice, but now warm has gone on vacation and cold is here to kick some butt. The ship has sailed. The switch has been flipped. The box is opened. The door is closed. Sally has gone with the Whetherbee's. The cake is finished. The iceman cometh. Old man winter is on our doorstep, ringing the doorbell and asking to come and steal away our happiness, but are we going to let him do it freely?! Hell no! I say we stand up and fight! Fight for your right to be warm and cosy! We won't go down calmly or lay down our arms until we're dead or if you're annoyingly persistent! Down with cold! Down with cold! Down with cold!


Here's the WOTD:

Vacuous - (adj) 1. empty, vacant, blank 2. dull, stupid, inane


Get your riot gear
Torches and pitchforks held high
Hot enough for you?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Onehundred and Seven

Collecting stuff.

I don't know if everybody collects something, or if it is rather that as a kid everybody collected something but now that they're older, it's just not cool to collect something anymore... or if it is all just a matter of personality. This is probably one of those "feedback blogs", or rather I'd be interested in hearing about what you collect or used to collect.

For myself, there are quite a few things that I collect or used to collect because I've always been a bit of a pack rat. I actually did a paper on pack rats because I felt close to them (in grade 5).

I think the most popular thing for collecting is rocks. Rocks are always something you collect at some point in your life, mostly as a kid. I don't know but I might still have a couple rocks that I had picked up. Mostly because they're a good skipping stone or because of what they're made up of.

Other things I used to collect are: hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and super hero cards, Pogs, paper clips, bottle caps, candy wrappers, action figures, stickers, and posters.

What I still collect is as follows: Pez, comic books, novels, Jones labels and caps, movies, desktops/wallpapers and other such pictures, and matchbooks.

I'm tired so no Word Of The Day or haiku. It was hard enough coming up with those lists. Enjoy life already.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Onehundred and Six

Do you think vanilla was the first flavour of ice cream? I suppose it's easy to think that way because vanilla is always portrait as the most basic of ice cream flavours, but that doesn't mean it was the first to come around. Hey so then, with this theory that ice cream doesn't have to be vanilla, why don't we see plain ice cream? There's plain yogurt... plain bread? and plain ...icing... so why not plain ice cream? Well maybe there is but it's not common, and certainly not common in North America.


Okay but the question still stands: was vanilla the first flavour of ice cream? If it wasn't you think it might have been some kind of fruit? I don't think it would have been chocolate because ...that seems too extravagant. This is based on the theory that ice cream was a mistake at first, so it would have just been frozen cream, and some one liked it.

They proposed this idea to a friend or family member, but for public exposure they decide to add some flare, add some ...fruit? Nuts? Caramel? Raisins? Or maybe the first add-in was something gross like ...potatoes? and people didn't like it so they added fruit instead.

I suppose it would help if we knew where ice cream was discovered, cause then it'd be all a matter of timing in finding out what kind of desert add-on was popular and so when the ice cream guy discovered ice cream, he was all "I've got a great idea, everyone likes ... so I'll add a little of that in and, voila: ... iced cream". Cause if he called it "ice cream" well... I just think it would have been called "iced cream" at first.

Oh, I suppose the first add-on could have been a spice too, such as nutmeg or cinnamon or um... that other spice.

Look it up if you want but I'm moving on to the WOTD:

Herringbone - (n) a pattern made up of rows of parallel lines with adjacent rows slanting in reverse directions; also: a twilled fabric with this pattern


Swing forth to justice
Fight their dark twisted nature
Batman saves the day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Onehundred and Five

When you look outside the window in the hopes that the weather has changed in the last five minutes.

I think it is safe to say that everyone has done this, especially if they were expecting the snow or rain to stop falling. There is a longing inside each of us, especially in this day and age I suppose, that when the weather is poor we wish it were better so we could get back outside.

Even if we had meant to read a book or listen to that new cd again or to write a blog (cough)... for some reason we don't get to those things, or perhaps not as ambitiously as we could have. So maybe instead of doing whatever we were doing on that rainy monday, we should have been reading that book or thinking about getting that new cd and listening to it many times over or writing a new entry into that blog we have. But maybe we're too busy being sick that we forget what to do on a rainy day, those things we have stored up on our to do list, that we just sit on the couch being sick all day.

And maybe it would help if that special someone would just make us some chicken noodle soup so we could get on with getting healthy. But then there is no special someone because we missed an opportunity or maybe they never showed up to the coffee we invited them to and now we're stuck with no one to bother with the soup. Maybe we'll just engorge on chocolate icecream right now, if only we had chocolate icecream but instead we got that mango kind cause it was different but we should have got the chocolate because we knew we'd get hungry for it. Maybe we should just shut up!

Here's your WOTD!

Medulla - (n) an inner or deep anatomical part; also: the posterior part

Oh. Isn't the Medulla Oblongata the brain thingy? What's this about my posterior? Whatever.

Haiku already!

Blacker than the night
Burnt toast stuck in the toaster
Busted piece of bread.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Onehundred and Four

Paint names. Just for once I want paint names to be straight forward again. ...Yes I realize I said "for once" and also "again" in the same sentence about the same subject but move along Mable. And people are treating paint like it's a fashion statement. I say go with what makes you warm and cosy, or with something that makes you feel at home, and stick with it. Well, I don't mean to say you can't change it up every once in a while, just to freshen up your house a bit, I'm just saying that you shouldn't be changing the paint job as often as the seasons change.

Maybe "shouldn't" is too big, rather, don't feel like you need to just because you neighbor is. Don't get all caught up by the paint companies and whoever else may be saying "this is how you should live if you want to fit in". It's just not true unless it's Coca Cola telling you to drink their delicious product and buy Toblerone instead of SBLOUNSKCHED! They're all a bunch of fat cats anyway.

Heh heh. Fat cats. That Jim Davis sure knows when to stop. You know he's 63? Yeah, right in the face.

In other news, did you know the Frimley railway station, that train line didn't become electrified until 1939. It was established in 1878, so that's 61 years without electricity running the place.

Next stop's the WOTD, folks. Get it while it's hot:

Transaxle - (n) a unit combining the transmission and the front axle of a front-wheel-drive automobile

Step right up, step right up! Get y'er haiku here, get th' latest haiku fresh off the presses:

Orange cascading down
Illuminating the sky
My eyes absorb it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Onehundred and Three

Fragility. The state of being fragile, or being in a fragile condition. Probably. The point is that I don't like getting colds, and I just about have one. I just don't like how fragile the human body can be. And yet, it can be a symbol of strength at the same time.

O' immune system, why dost thou fail me?

Also, it's not from anything I've been doing, except going to work and coming home. There are customers and co-workers that have the death, and I think my mother might be coming down with something. And of course she got it from people at work.

There should be some kind of law prohibiting colds in the work force. Better yet, they should get their butts on inventing a drug or something that keeps your cold from spreading. Yeah, so then it's your own danged fault if you get sick. Yeah, eat that you weak cattle! Just because you get sick doesn't mean that after constant bombardment of you people, that I should get sick as well. Jerks! And kids are the worst because their immune system isn't fully developed yet, leaving them most vulnerable and then their parents bring them into the public and the sickness spreads from the weakest to the strongest.


Here's the WOTD:

Wassail - (n) 1. an early English toast to someone's health 2. a hot drink made with wine, beer, or cider, spices, sugar, and usu. baked apples and traditionally served at Christmas 3. riotous drinking : revelry

I'll just drink some tea. Or like... a hot slurpee? Anybody?


Climb up rope ladder
Whisper the secret password
Begin club meeting.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Onehundred and Two

Does anyone else find programs that offer virus and spamware protection just as annoying as the spyware or virus itself? Well, I mean all damage aside.

There's all the annoying reminders of buying new software, alerts about new viruses, upgrades to the program and the system, etc... Just let me check my e-mail, play my game, write my essay, watch my dvd, or what have you. Especially if the protection software you have on your computer was a free download. There are always messages saying you should buy the full package deal. You're not 100% safe without it!

Just let me the crap alone, I'm trying to beat Freecell here. Dang! I'ma come over there and smack you one! Then finally you just uninstal the program and figure you're better off taking your chances of a virus until it0111001010101101000101001010101101010010001110101

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Onehundred and One


I know politics are important in the sense that this is how the country in which I live in is going to be run, but to me it's all just boring and for the most part (as far as I can think ...or am willing to think right now) non-relevant to the way in which I run my life.

I still have to go to work and still get paid at the same rate (but I hope it goes up, and perhaps the government will increase minimum wage and if that happens, okay fine they get a pat on the shoulder from me), I'll still have to pay taxes (which might go up or down), I'll still have to take my bike to work (or walk when the snow comes, or drive if the government allows people to drive without a licence) and I will very most likely still have the same freedom I have always had. So unless the government turns totalitarian or the Bloc Party somehow in a million years wins, life will run much the same no matter which Prime Minister is telling his lies. Oh I mean, saying what he'll do for the country.

All I'm saying is that unless the PM's politic-ing like how a certain blockhead quarterback for un-named team in un-named province that can't make an un-named play to get a simple un-named touchdown so that his un-named team could get an un-named victory, then I quite frankly see no reason to pay attention to politics.

I think that could also be the same type of problem for a lot of Canadians, except for the well learn-ed ones. We care more about sports or entertainment than we do politics. I think it's mostly because a lot of the time the changes that go on in the political world are not noticeable to the public, unless it's something like ...something big happening in the economy or war or etc... The world's just become too media focused, sports focused (whether televised or like... with family and what-not), and all around pleasure focused, to care about the rest of the world in a big enough way.

Sure there's probably a couple of ten thousands of you that really care and are enthused about that whole business, and you keep shoving it in our faces, but man... unless they take away my rights and freedoms, I just don't think I'll really want to pay much attention to the whole game. Call me what you'd like, it's just more soap in my eyes.

Here's the WOTD:

Virago - (n) (strong or heroic woman) 1. a loud over-bearing woman 2. a woman of great strength and courage

Isn't that neat.


The tire swing tree
Overlooking a lush pond
Kids and ducks flying.