Sunday, November 30, 2008

Onehundred Fourtyseven

"If eggnog wasn't so delicious, would people just revert back to rum?" asked Henry. "No," replied James. "I think they would go to chocolate milk, or perhaps they would instead go to wine. After all, chocolate milk isn't really a celebratory drink and perhaps seen more for kids." Henry thought it over a little, holding his chin with his left hand. "Tell me James, why do people need a celebratory drink? Isn't the fact that it's Christmas reason enough to celebrate?" inquired Henry. "Well yes it is, Henry. But you see," answered James "People enjoy celebrating holidays with food and drink, hence the turkey dinner. And what would turkey be without something to wash it down with?"

"But I like turkey just the way it is. I think Nanna puts in just the right amount of stuffing, and the cranberries do compliment it nicely. And let's not forget the gravy." said Henry. "Mmmmmm" Both boys said as one. And so, the boys continued to sit and think of the meal to come, the meal of Christmas. They were looking out the round window from their room, down at the kids playing football in the field across the street and to the right. They had been sent there because of a disagreement they had with their father about-

Just then there was a rap on the door. "Henry, James? Are you too still sore?" It was mother, come to look up after the boys. They were supposed to be working on their mathematics but instead she found them staring out the window like a couple of ...well a couple of boys wanting to be out on a day so nice as this one. It was late September and the weather was, as was the common thought, quickly running out of warmth. It would be a shame to waste such a day indoors, but such was the punishment for-

"Mary? Do you think we could talk a moment?" called father. His tone meant now and his face was losing patience. He did not want the mother of his children giving in to sad faces, and because of what the boys had done, did not want them to see a pleasant face for a good long while.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Onehundred Fortysix

Sitting in the warmth of the sun, in her favorite rocking chair by the east window, she was reading the latest book by her favorite author. She was stuck on the last chapter, or rather the first sentence because if began to read that would either bring about a sad ending or a rather cursed cliff hanger. It seemed to her that there was no way the author could end such drama in one last chapter, and yet it seemed unlike the author to do this to his readers. Perhaps the author was wanting to try and start a series for the first time, as all his previous books were all beginning, middle, and end stories, maybe this was his first attempt in continuity.

If this was such an attempt, she didn't like it one bit. This sort of ending was no sort of way to treat your loyal readers. She didn't know which was worse: a cliff hanger or a sad ending. The story has been so good up until the previous chapter, or rather the last two paragraphs of the previous chapter. When she turned the page that was when she realized she was on the last chapter of the book. It didn't seem possible at first, she flipped the pages but no other chapters were ready and waiting. She went to the table of contents and saw that chapter 30 was in fact the last chapter.

What a cruel way to bring such a wonderful story to an end, whether that was a brief ending only to be continued or it was a definite ending was yet to be seen... and who did he think he was, ending a book in such a way?! How dar- ! She slammed the book shut, as if it has been a door in the author's face. There was no way she could go on now and perhaps ending before the worst should happen would be the best way to remember the story. Yes, that's what she'd do. Just leave the book locked away in the attic and come up with a better ending. Then she would write a letter to the author and tell him how she felt.

She got up to fetch a pen and paper... but the book was still in her hand and she was still sitting in the chair. The chapter had a bit of length to it, perhaps a hero comes and saves the day at the last moment. Perhaps there's still hope left, still a chance for a good ending. She had quiet enjoyed the author's previous works, he hadn't let her down before ...yet.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Onehundred Fourtyfive

You know what I like about bunnyhugs? They're warm and fuzzy and comfortable, but best of all they have pockets. You know what I like about pocketed shirts? Uh, well... neither do I but I like them.

I was thinking about getting an iPod yesterday when it suddenly occurred to me:

Okay well maybe it didn't.

What I'm trying to do here is start out with fact and then make a story out of it, but I want the story to be believable and not something that you could just say I'm making up. Sigh. Right now though, those creative juices just aren't flowing enough. I could make something up all fantastical, but I want a dose of realism this morning. I blame Special K, it was deceptively delicious because it also has strawberries in it. And now I can't think of a good enough makeupance.

I'ma go to the library now.


Makeupance - (n) a made up instance, a story that did not occur but could have.


Frost forming on roof
Sunshine makes it glisten bright
Sparkles of rainbow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Onehundred Fortyfour

I don't know which is worse, but I do know what tops both: saying you'll do something but not doing it.

That's why I resolve not to make any new year's resolutions. I know the idea is self-improvement but I don't think that happens too often, and really I can't remember any of my past resolutions to know if I've kept them. Also I have such a bad memory that I don't know if I could trust myself to remember the whole year long and more what it was I resolving to do or not do.

Yeah, I have a white board in my room right where I could see what it says and that would be my reminder, but that white board also tells me to "oil my bike" and "use Google Earth" but I keep not doing those things. Not because I don't want to, other wise it would be "don't oil bike" and "remove Google Earth". I just find myself spending time doing something else or I forget about them or don't feel like it when I do remember.

Okay well, time to sleep. I keep missing out on some good sleeping because of my being used to a 5am wake up call, but not anymore! Except that I still wake up before 7am now. Which my alarm is set for 7:27am.

Sigh. I'ma skip the WOTD.


Open pasture gate
Sheep come flocking to green grass
Forgot what they had.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Onehundred Fortythree


I tell ya, it's not just the bus riders that get me, it's anyone who is consistently inconsiderate; when it involves the bus or some other type place where being considerate of others should be obvious, that's like the lowest of the low.

As far as I knew it was common knowledge, once you became of age to ride a city bus, that you don't sit in the very front of the bus because those seats are reserved for the elderly and mothers with strollers. Maybe that sort of thing just isn't taught anymore, for some reason, but people just don't abide by those rules anymore. I could see if the bus was filling up and it's a time in the morning or evening when there just wouldn't be any elderly or mothers with strollers and there's no other place to stand or sit but the front of the bus, then you sit down in those seats as to make more room for standing.

But when the front of the bus is the first seat you take, especially when you're in an area known to have many bus-riding elderly, you just don't take those seats. Especially if there's an elderly person right behind you! Man, courtesy is going right out the window these days. And those people at the back of the bus who sit in a two-seater, but they take the isle seat and leave their backpack or bag of some sort (or some don't even do that) on the window seat, those people are usually the worst because usually they don't move their royal hindquarters so that someone else might sit down, those people are the worst.

Man, you should just be able to download knowledge straight into your brain, like in the Matrix. That way, I'd be able to know how to drive without having to take these stupid tests and I'd be able to drive some kind of fuel efficient car or better yet I'd be able to drive a helicopter and I'd fly around for the army or better yet, a jet plane and fly my friends around to wherever they wanted to go.



Wagonette - (n) a light wagon with two facing seats along the sides behind a cross seat in front.


Face down on the cloud
Looking down upon the earth
Throw down your lightning.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Onehundred Fortytwo


Only from day to day
The life of a wise man runs;
What matter if seasons far away
Have gloom or have double suns?
To climb the unreal path,
We stray from the roadway here;
We swim the rivers of wrath and tunnel the hills of fear.
Our feet on the torrent's brink,
Our eyes on the cloud afar,
We fear the things we think,
Instead of the things that are.
Like a tide our work should rise,
Each later wave the best;
"To-day is a king in disguise,"
To-day is the special test.
Like a sawyer's work is life-
The present makes the flaw,
And the only field for strife
Is the inch before the saw.
John Boyle O'Reilly (1844-1890)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Onehundred Fortyone

I don't know if I believe in luck, or if it really is "luck" and not happenstance or coincidence or fate or destiny (is that different from fate?), but I do know this: Sometimes I do feel lucky. Punk.

If good fortune is the definition of luck... well what does that say about fortune cookies? I ask this because nowadays you can find your "fortune" underneath the bottle cap of a Jones, it's a by-product of business. So then, back in the day (14th C.) when they were called "moon cakes", people took this stuff seriously because it was more like passing along a secret message but then it slowly changed over to what we know as fortune cookies today.

I think what I'm looking to know is whether or not people are living out their lives based on their luck. Even before I finished typing that sentence I knew the answer, but I wonder if that's more superstition than luck, so then is superstition part of luck? I suppose it would have to be. I guess for a moment I just found it hard to believe people would go about their lives seeking out luck.

I think the most I ever turn to luck as a way of life might be... I don't know, I guess if I'm going into a big exam or interview or ....something, I might say "Wish me luck". But it's not like I've said that often or believe that without that person's wishing of luck that I won't pass the test or get the job or um...

I suppose that I am part Irish and so I maybe should believe a little more in luck... but then I suppose I'd have to feel more lucky to really believe in luck. Maybe it's the lack of luck in my life that makes me not believe in it. I might say that if someone avoids a crash, then I might call it luck, but I think that's more of a phrase for me: "Wow, that was lucky". I don't believe that I mean it, as if the thought of "That person must have a lucky rabbit's foot on their key chain" goes through my head.

That being said I do tend to get a little superstitious at times, wearing my Roughrider shirt on game day (not that it did much good) or maybe I'll I can't think of another example. Also, if I find a $20 on the ground, I might just call it my lucky day. I don't really consider myself all that lucky though. Or... can you be luck and accident/injury prone at the same time?


Jalousie - (n) a blind, window, or door with adjustable horizontal slats or louvers.

Hee hee, a jalous(ie) louver(s).


Fairy tale love
Always meant to be not me
Finding someone else.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Onehundred Forty

The art of ordering in food.

This must be done with careful consideration as to what kinds of food are liked and disliked by all members in a party, but only the ones who will partake of any food ordered. Don't bother with those members in a party who are not going to partake as it would be a waste of time and probably money.

It is important to order food for when you are planning to eat. If food arrives long after people have become hungry, they might begin raiding your house for anything that might be consumed. This is not desired because it is assumed that since you are ordering food in the first place, it is because you do not have enough food in your house, or that you do not want to share your food with others, or that you have bad taste in food and you know it and do not want to be embarrassed by your poor taste in food. Also you want to avoid any possible chance that your friends or their friends might have a cannibalistic tendency. Such a discovery could potentially ruin a friendship and cause embarrassment.

Once you know what kind of food is desired by all or most members, it is good to know which restaurant is best for providing for your needs. It is important to know which has the best portions for your money, quality of food, promptness of service, and little to no delivery fees.
When placing the order, make sure the person taking your order from you clearly understands what it is you want, as to avoid unwanted or missed items. Much pain in the butt is avoided when what you want is what you get.

WOTD: There is no Word of the Day today, due to the lack of a dictionary. Steve.


Running to market
Fetching a loaf of French bread
Enjoy it with soup.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Onehundred Thirtynine

Rehashing songs.

There are only so many songs on the radio, these days of... hecks, it's not even December and yet Jingle Bells and um... Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer and um... those other songs, are coming through the speakers. I bet if you took the time to sit down and listen to all the songs on the radio that you can hear in one day, in a list of 10 songs you'll get probably 6 of those 10 will be repeats, different versions but repeats none-the-less.

Thankfully I won't be in a work environment where I'll be listening to those same songs over and over, for much longer. That's right, I got me a part time job at The Sizzler. No not really, I just grabbed that from Weird Al's Albuquerque. Let's just say it's a higher paying job and I'll be able to get a car sooner than later.

I suppose I should get in mind what kind of car I would like to purchase first, but really purchase not just pretend purchase. The kind of car that I could actually afford, not the kind of car I would like to afford because I'm pretty sure they stopped taking "I'll be your best friend" as payment. I think I'll start with my first car as a Taco Truck, that way it'll help pay for itself.


Valance - (n) 1. drapery hanging from an edge (as of an alter, table, or bed) 2. a drapery or a decorative frame across the top of a window


Feeling along wall
Light switch hiding from my reach
Darkness swallows me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Onehundred Thirtyeight

I guess you could say she was wrong the whole time. I had a hunch about that from the beginning, you see, I've had a thing about knowing whether someone is right or wrong, it's something I can sense. It all started back in grade 1 when...

You know what I like about nervous people? They're easy to pick on. This is especially fun when you know you can get away with it. I don't mean pick on as in "bully" I mean pick on as in "tease". Say someone has a delicate no, let's say they have a favorite pen and they're nervous about you dropping it. Well it's a pen and you know you won't drop it, partly because it's a pen and you've held one for most of your life

...although that might just change one of these years. You people and your laptops...

Okay well back to the pen. So you know you won't drop it because it's a pen and also you know it's precious to the person so you're being careful, but you just can't help but to fake dropping it. I know you're probably not supposed to find something like that funny, but I just can't help but laugh when someone freaks out over little things. I suppose they say it's the little things that get you, or make life worth living, or make the world go round... but it's also the little things that make me go "ha!".

Yeah, yeah.. simple minds.

I guess the breaking point between picking on and bullying is dependent upon how often the act is committed. The art of it is knowing just how far you can go, and staying just behind that line. Most of the time you stay away from that line, but it's fun to go up to it every now and again. The trouble about it is that sometimes that line, if you go up to it often enough, can get wider. So the real trick is knowing how many times you can approach the line. Probably.

There's yet another problem. There are only so many times a person can have their line crossed, but you don't know if that person's number is more than once until you hit that once. And you don't know where that line is until you've crossed it. So then, if it is only once, you have to know the person in order to know if they can handle that once and you'll still be friends afterwords. If they can't well... I guess it's best to stay away from toying with their nervousness.


Hertz - (n) a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second


Wind blowing rope bridge
Gently swaying to and fro
Want to get across.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Onehundred Thirtyseven

Okay, here's something about which I am not sure if I like it or not. News puns.

Whenever a news story is brought up in the news, it seems to happen especially on tv, or rather I don't read the newspaper too much so I guess I can't say, but I'm sure it happens quite often in the paper as well; a pun will always be delivered with the headline. It seems to have come to be something I have grown used to, or that it's something I've come to ignore.

No, I've decided that I don't like it, for the most part. I would like it if they were being clever, but I'm pretty sure also that there are only so many times you can be clever with a pun. I don't like that puns are used all too often in a headline or a transition (from one news anchor to another) and I don't like how obvious the pun can be.

I was going to give an example but I don't want to give anyone any ideas or to further promote the use of puns. I don't even get a smirk from news puns anymore. It's more like a sneer.

And that's all I have to say about that. Now it's time for something completely different.


Zouave - (n) a member of a French infantry unit orig. composed of Algerians wearing a brilliant uniform and conducting a quick spirited drill; also: a member of a military unit modeled on the Zouaves.


Fruit basket of love
Filled from my heart's over-flow
Found in back alley.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Onehundred Thirtysix


I don't mean eye sight, I mean planning and the future. It seems that for the most part, since society became quite individualistic, taking over the family business or trade, is becoming more and more a thing of the past. It still exists mind you, probably very much so in some parts of the world, and depending on the stability in the life of one's parents. Neither the falling away nor the continuation of a business or trade seem to be constant, especially with the state of the market in North America these days.

There are families in which the same career has been passed down from father to son (and mother to daughter) for many generations, perhaps even since the creation of the trade or business, and that's something that I would like in my own life. At least there is stability in it (again depending on the market in some cases) and there is also a bonding.

I think that for the most part the son always thinks that he will never be as good as his father, and that is how it has always been (or at least that is how I've seen it portrayed in stories, whether film or novel). Maybe such a thing has been romanticized in stories, but I don't believe that to be completely true. I think that if my father would have grown up with a trade and had passed it down to me, I might have a bit more ...confidence. As it is I have grown up with no passed on skill or ability, and unless I develop one of my own I have nothing to pass on to my children. Well that is of course assuming that some lovely lady out there would ever consider myself as husband material.

I suppose if I were to look at my life right now and say "This is what I have to offer" it would be my passion for creativity. I know that creative juices more come from the individual, but perhaps my children would be inspired by my work, or at least my enjoyment of the works I create.

I think part of the problem is that I've been told that I can achieve what I put my mind to, but not shown how to keep my mind on something. Sigh. I guess I can only wait and see where life takes me. Perhaps that is also part of the problem, I'm always waiting for that "final step" but I don't think you ever really reach it.

Okay, so here's the WOTD:

Whilom - (adv) archaic: formerly

I guess as an example it would be "His whilom house" or "Her whilom friends" or "My whilom vacation spot".


Sitting in the shade
Provided by the maple
Dreaming of Batman.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Onehundred Thirtyfive

I don't know what it is about leftover pizza, but it sure tastes good the second-go-round. And it doesn't even have to be warmed up, I'll eats it right out of the fridge. If you do like to heat it up, check and see if the crust underneath is soggy first, if it is then the best way to heat it up is on a frying pan because that leaves the pizza nice and crisp.

So I watched Quantum of Solace today and I've got to say that I like this new style of Bond. He's nice and rugged and not so perfect and he's very ...not cheesy. I know that there are some people in this world that say the original Casino Royal was nice and cheesy and funny and the way Bond was meant to be and etc... but I don't like that in my Bond, thanks. I prefer the rough and tough spy-type who knows how to get the job done, he knows who's side he's on and won't ever change that, and he also knows how to have a good time in the art of kicking evil right in the shins.

Don't get me wrong here, I have sen all the Bond movies to date and I quite enjoy the older ones, I'm meerly stating that I like this bit of a new direction they're taking with Bond. This is more giving my approval than anything else.

Hey, I just got a good idea for marketing for 7-Eleven. They should have James Bond slurpee cups. 7-Eleven has done cups for movies and video games of all sorts, and what better way to promote drinking... slurpees, than having ...well I suppose if I were to say something like 'a man who can really drink a lot' that could be taking the wrong way, as to promote alcoholism, and that's not good for kids. But some would say that James Bond is not good for kids either... my point is that I want a slurpee cup shaped like a martini glass and a straw with 007 looping. And you said you'd bake us a cake!


Confluence - (n) 1. a coming together at one point 2. the meeting or place of meeting of two or more streams


A little steam boat
Floating along the river
Fleeing cannibals.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Onehundred Thirtyfour

I suppose you can say that winter is here now... kinda late, and I don't know if I mind that as much as I maybe should or shouldn't but uh...
As much as it seems winter is here, it really just doesn't feel like it. I suppose I was expecting a foot of snow already, and since there's not, does that prove global warming? I hope it doesn't because I don't want our planet to be ...warm. I don't want winter to be a fading memory, as if one morning you'll wake up, turn to your wife/husband/dog/cat/fish/bird/pillow and say "Hey, remember back in the day there was that white stuff on the ground? Made everything look pretty and I remember something about ...what's that word? You know, when it used to be not warm? No, I don't mean hot... cause it still gets hot. I mean when it's neither hot nor warm it's... um, I think it rhymed with something."

Do you think it'll ever come to that? I suppose that is easy to imagine if you live in a place where it has never snowed before. I guess I just don't want "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" to become reality. Not that I'll miss the cold of winter, but I'll miss the snow. I likes my snow- peoples, angels, ball fights, and fields.



Impulse - (n) 1. a force that starts a body into motion; also: the motion produced by such a force 2. an arousing of the mind and spirit to some usu. unpremeditated action 3. nerve impulse


Windmill of my heart
Waiting for a gust to come
Break this motionless.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Onehundred Thirtythree

I'm not too sure I like the whole 'opposites attract' law, or rule, or ...system. Whatever you want to call it, I'm not too sure I like that idea for me, especially if you were to take it literally.

I'm sure girls who are the opposite of me are ...facinating to somebody and ...lovable, but is that girl for me? Oh wait, I should back up a bit and say that I don't mean she'd have to be opposite to me in every little detail, I mostly mean personality and behavior wise. Also I don't mean opposite in every situation (like being sad instead of happy or shouting instead of being quiet), although I do wonder if attraction to such a person would be possible and it might make for interesting, but uh... I don't think that's for me. Isn't that right Smithy.

Alright, I accept the challange. If you can find the girl most opposite of me... to me... I will date her. Ten bucks? Anybody? Don't tell her about any of this, cause most likely she'd be ...bored? about technology and the communication therein. Oh man... do you think there is a girl out there that's the opposite of me, like completely? Probably. Do you think such a girl would put up with me, the opposite of herself? I suppose she wouldn't want to date me... cause she'd be the opposite and um, since I'm up for it, it's most likely she's not.

Okay but seriously, I wonder how often those opposite relationships last. Man those zombies...


Gherkin - (n) 1. a small prickly fruit of a vine related to the cucumber used to make pickles 2. an immature cucumber

Huh. I always thought a gherkin was some kind of clothing. Weird.


Chainsaw replace hand
Holding a smoking shotgun
Watch the cabin floor.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Onehundred Thirtytwo

I wonder if Hitler would support "green" cars. I'm just saying, he won over the Germans with cars and electricity and that sort of thing, if he had come in today's world, would he have been giving them "green" cars? You would think that he would just give whatever society was demanding... so the answer would be yes.

The reason I bring up Hitler is mostly because I'm watching Band of Brothers, and I um... well he was the first to come to mind that would give out cars. The second would be Oprah, but I thought Hitler would be more provoking to thought because of what he stood for and yet here's a picture of him giving out Eco-friendly cars. Just a bit more ironic than Oprah.

What made me think of any of this was the fact that I rode the bus. Whilst riding I saw this advertisement on the bus that said something like "You're part of making the world green" or to that effect. So I thought: "You know, there are a few things that I do which would be considered "green". I take the bus or ride my bike as a main mode of transportation, I recycle, I don't subscribe to the newspaper (saving trees), I stay away from um... styrofoam plates and cups, ...I had a few more things on the list but am tired and unable to remember. The point is that I live a fairly "green" life. And I'm sure there are lots of other things I could be doing that a "green activist" might shout at me through a megaphone, but um... oh right, at least I'm doing something. See? Tired.


Aria - (n) an accompanied elaborate vocal solo forming part of a larger work


Gallantly I fly
Encompassing the system
Mainframe's protector.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Onehundred Thirtyone

In Flanders Fields
by John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Onehundred Thirty

A Riddle

The Vowels

We are little airy creatures,

All of different voice and features;

One of us in glass is set,

One of us you'll find in jet.

T'other you may see in tin,

And the fourth a box within.

If the fifth you should pursue,

It can never fly from you.

By Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)


Intelligentsia - (n) intellectuals forming a vanguard or elite


Follow me swiftly
Into the depths of myself
Buckle up, hold on.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Onehundred Twentynine

Top however-many pleasant odors.

I don't know if these will be in any sort of particular order, I might arrange it that way once I complete the list, I might not. So this is a list of some of my favorite smells.

Also, I think I need to use a better word than "poem" for some of the stuff I write because I don't think they could really be classified as a "poem" but maybe I'll look that up.

Okay, smells:

Coffee, fresh baked bread, roast (beef, pork, chicken) cooking in the oven, bb-q, bacon, laundry being blown from the vent outside the house, freshly photocopied paper, just before it rains, straw/hay bales, licorice, fried eggs (and pretty much any meat being fried), waffles/pancakes, toast, mechanic shop, freshly cut wood, and copper.

As far as the "poem" thing goes, I looked in the thesaurus and the word I like the most is "verse". I think that would best fit as a description to most of the "poems" I make, except of course for haiku.

Okay so here's the WOTD:

Whig - (n) [short for Whiggamore, member of a Scottish group that marched to Edinburgh in 1648 to oppose the court party] 1. a member or supporter of a British political group of the late 17th through early 19th centuries seeking to limit royal authority and increase parliamentary power 2. an American favoring independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution 3. a member or supporter of an American political party formed about 1834 to oppose the Democrats


Bucket full of love
Sitting out on the back porch
Waiting to be used.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Onehundred Twentyeight

If I were not as I am, I would be a grasshopper for one must first gain strength. Next I would be the frog for one must gain patience. Thirdly I would be the weasel for one must gain stealth. The final stage I would reach would be the butterfly for one must gain apple cherry crumble and no one suspects the butterfly.

I was going to complain about something today but I forget what it was. It was probably something to do with society's neglect or being unobservant. Really, I just want the Riders to win and I think that BC is just putting on a tough face but really they're crying to their mama's. Just you wait and see!

Do you think I should mention US politics? All I was going to say is that I think with the US's first African American President, there are going to be a lot of little changes, at least for the length of his presidency. I hope those changes are for the better, last longer, and spread wider but it seems like those things, more often than not are just too much like a fad.

Do you think James Bond has ever tried an iced cafe? I really think he should, when he's on vacation of course. At least just to try it. I bet that if there was an iced martini he'd be all upons. As if alcohol makes life go round. Go have a slurpee for once! Sugar can be just as fun as alcohol James. And a brain freeze would be a lot easier on you than a hangover. Man, just cause he's Mr. Spyo'matic.

Here's the WOTD:

Symposium - (n) a conference at which a particular topic is discussed by various speakers; also: a collection of opinions about a subject


Pac Man chasing ghosts
Mario saving Princess
Samus and Metroid.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Onehundred Twentyseven

The phone.

Since the phone's invention, there has been an urgency to answer it. This can be seen especially in the case of a cordless phone. Since its invention in 1966 by George Sweigert and when the phone was first left off the hook, soon after its invention (probably), there have been people searching frantically for that $%$## %^&^% @*&%^ phone.

It is as if the phone has a compelling force all its own that bids us answer it. Someone could be in the middle of something very important, perhaps their career even depends on it, but if their mobile went off, they'll answer it as soon as they can get to it. Some people are smart enough to either shut it off before the importance ensues, or to shut it off right away, but the fact that they still have it on them shows us just how much we have become on instant communication. Here's a dramatization:

"Oh man! Where's that danged phone?! I can't believe it's out of my hands yet again! I should just get one o'those ear pieces and affixiate myself. Better yet I should just up and cyborg! That way I'll be attached to the world forever and always! My dreams have come true, thank you local telephone and internet company."

More often than not, I know I'm right.


Hanger-on - (n) one who hangs around a person or place esp. for personal gain

Oh. Much like a leech. Just like the phone leeching off your ear!


Stealthy sneak attack
Intricate kung fu combo
Much surprise achieved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Onehundred Twentysix

Comic strips in the newspaper.

They seem almost essential to the newspaper and I would probably go as far to say that comic strips help sell the newspaper, if I hadn't thought just a little bit more about society.

Comic strips have been in the newspaper since 1913, but it wasn't until the early 1920's that there were multiple comic strips in the same newspaper. You would think that they started as political strips but that wasn't entirely the case. There were a few strips that were in the newspaper just for their comedy. So it would seem that North Americans finds it hard to take in any non-entertaining media, or at least in large doses. There seems to be the need for at least a bit of entertainment in every aspect in the life of a North American, that we can't take just straight news. Or if we do take just straight news, it's most likely that we'd seek entertainment shortly after.

That seems a bit pathetic to me (and depending on if you see this as ironic or not, I'm telling you this by means of my blog) but it would seem to follow the natural course of man, as far as I can figure. Yes there are people out there who have never read the 'funny pages' in their newspaper, or often go without a form of entertainment. But I don't think that means they go without their comedy or drama, just that they find it by some other means. Or maybe they don't and they simply find humor and drama a waste of time.

Either way, if you can't help but seek out entertainment or if you can live without it well actually I would say that it seems a bit unnatural to live without some form of entertainment. I would think that it is only human nature to want to laugh or to follow after some kind of drama. Not that you're any less human if you don't seek it out, but that is also to say that you don't have to actively seek it out for it to be in your life. I would say rather that it is unnatural to avoid it and to say it is a weakness. Yes, that's better.


Tremolo - (n) a rapid fluttering of a tone or alternating tones


Head off to market
Look for a shrouded woman
Give secret hand shake.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Onehundred Twentyfive

I think it would be nice to go some place like Aspen or um... some other ski resort, right now. Partly to get the anticipation for the first snow fall out of the way, and partly because I want to be a rebel. People always go somewhere warm when it's cold in their own country, and ...cold when it's warm? I don't know about that second bit but I just want to go some place where they know how to have a proper winter. None of this delayed snow crap, or that you get little bits at a time until finally you get a big dump of snow, except by then it's too much snow and also there's ice underneath it all so if you're driving anywhere you're going to have a tough time, but at least you have your snow tires.


I think it would be nice to work at a ski resort at least once in my life. I don't know what kind of skills I'd bring to that job but I'd like to be some kind of guide. Yeah, the guide to all the places with good hot coco.

You know, here we say "hot chocolate", or at least I do, but I'm pretty sure that if you're working at a ski resort you'd have to say "hot coco". It'd just be one of those unspoken laws. Like how you'd call everything "mitts" instead of "mitts" and "gloves". Or maybe everything's "gloves" and not "mitts". Yeah.

Okay, WOTD:

Kolinsky - (n) the fur of various Asian minks

Is kolinsky the fur equivalent to bologna? Probably.


My luck spreading thin
Curbside dice too adictive
Stop while I'm ahead.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Onehundred Twentyfour

I think that if I were to be a tree, I'd rather produce fruit than not. It would be more probable that I would be chopped down if I were a tree that did not produce fruit. But then I suppose if I didn't produce a good enough crop year after year, after pruning and care, I'd be chopped down. But then, who's to say I'd have to be a fruit baring tree in the city or in an orchard?

I suppose if I were in the forest, I'd rather be a tree that does not produce fruit because the chances of my growing big and tall would be better than if I were a fruit baring tree. Although, I'm not really one to say that fruit baring trees do not grow tall and large because all I know is what I've seen in the city and on an orchard. Do you think fruit baring trees grow really big in the jungle? I guess they might if they're trying to get sunlight.

The point is, I'd rather be a tree than any other kind of plant, except maybe poison ivy or another plant like it just so I could catch the dumb people that come through the forest, not knowing one plant from another. Those fools, they actually wouldn't see me coming or knew what hit them.

Mwa ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Okay, I'm okay. Here's the WOTD:

Roentgen - (n) the international unit of measurement for X rays and gamma rays

Hm. I wonder how many roentgens would be in the Hulk.


Going to market
Haggle over price of fruit
Coffee with a friend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Onehundred Twentythree


For me, there's nothing that can really beat going really fast. I think that really goes for really everybody... except for those people who get their rush from a slow sunday drive, like old people and foreigners. And by "foreigners" I mean those people from countries with billions of people per square foot and so they're not used to being able to move more than 10 km's an hour. I just had to clarify that because of those autobahnians.

I think speed doesn't have to be weighed down by travel, I also like typing fast but lately that means more mistakes. Like I have to go to typing school again. I like fast food, but not as much as I used to, I'm trying to be healthier now. Cause we all know eating bacon and cheese sandwiches at home is better than getting a mozzarella burger or a baconator.

What else is fast? Not my brain that's for sure!

Not that fast is always the answer, but most of the time it's the correct one. I guess that's all I got. (It's distracting listening to music at the same time as bloggin')


Thiamine - (n) a vitamin of the vitamin B complex essential to normal metabolism and nerve function

Oh. I wonder what foods would have Thiamine in them. I'll have to look out for that. You know, cause I'm all the time trying to improve my nerve functions. Probably.


First bite of taco
Not as good as the middle
Better than the end.